The perfect heist

Dennis Holck Petersen, Denmark, 2008

78 min.DK/Feature

About Sonny, Patric, Steen and Richael, who all dream of performing the perfect heist, while lacking the abilities and the luck to even complete a half-decent one. After yet another failed attempt, where Steen shoots himself in the head, the other three end up in jail, where they give vent to their frustrations. Unable to do anything else, they fantasise about different variations of the perfect heist. But even in their fantasies they are not up against trivialities, but motorcycle gangs, the police, upset stomachs, low self-esteem, a lacking sense of the situation and extreme recklessness, which take their plans more and more out of control.
Basic information Credits
Original title Det perfekte kup
Danish title Det perfekte kup
Director Dennis Holck Petersen
Screenplay Frederik Nørgaard
Producer Frederik Nørgaard, Tomas Radoor
Director of Photography Anders Holck Petersen
Editor Henrik Vincent Thiesen
Sound Claus Lauritzen
Composer Nicklas Schmidt
Production designer Mette Lindberg
Casting Lene Seested
Appearance Frederik Nørgaard, Henrik Vestergaard, Anders Brink Madsen, Tommy Kenter
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
Danish theatrical release 21.06.2008
Cinemas Øst for Paradis (Århus)
Danish festival release 19.04.2009, CPHPIX Festival
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Production company Stogie Films
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution


Direction Dennis Holck Petersen
Casting Lene Seested
Assistant director: 2. unit Senia Dremstrup
Assistant director Lone Visby Olsen
Assistant director Otto Rosing
Continuity: 2. unit Christian Dahl


Script Frederik Nørgaard
Script consultant Lone Visby Olsen
Script supervisor Lone Visby Olsen
Script supervisor: 2. unit Christian Dahl


Producer Frederik Nørgaard
Producer Tomas Radoor
Associate producer Thomas Jepsen
Executive producer Kim Magnusson
Production manager Anne Juul Møller
Production manager Susanne Stranddorf
Production assistant Anne Isbak


Cinematography Anders Holck Petersen
Camera assistant Bo Bilstrup
Camera assistant Søren Hiorth
Rigger Søren Hvam


Stills Andreas Hagemann Bro

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Steen Klitgaard
Gaffer Søren Livbjerg
Gaffer Andreas Vingaard
Gaffer: 2. unit Poul Iversen


Editing Henrik Vincent Thiesen


Music Nicklas Schmidt

Production design

Production design Mette Lindberg
Set dresser Maria Grieg
Set dresser Nikolai Enggaard Jensen


Makeup assistant Ditte Maria Cramon
SFX makeup Steffen Engholm
Hairdresser Michelle Johansson
SFX makeup Michael T. Nielsen
Makeup supervisor Birgit Sogård


Sound Claus Lauritzen
Boom operator Paw Andersen
Sound mixer Brian Dyrby

Special effects

Special effects Søren Hvam

Visual effects

Colourist Lasse Hoile


Stunt Jacob Riewe Henriksen


Sonny Frederik Nørgaard
Patric Henrik Vestergaard
Richael Anders Brink Madsen
Kriminalinspektør Jensen Tommy Kenter
Fængselsvagt Hansen Ole Thestrup
Holger Camilla Bendix
Bankfunktionær Olaf Nielsen
Steen Robert Hansen
Betjenten Thomas Biehl
Madbøssen Mads Koudal
Betjent Steffen Nielsen
Appearance Diana D. Buck
Dæmon Torben Cederhoft-Bohnhardt
Dæmon Johnny Clausen
Betjent Lars Gjolme
Dæmon Jacob Riewe Henriksen
Betjent Jens Gram Larsen
Fisker Aksel Nørgaard
Banksild Tatjanna Østergaard
Dæmon Jan Pedersen
Dæmon Steffen S. Pedersen

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