Noma - at Boiling Point

Christian Vorting, Denmark, 2008

58 min.DK/Documentary

The film delves into the restaurant''s kitchen to reveal a harsh and relentless atmosphere. This fly-on-the-wall documentary follows the daily drama in the kitchen over six busy, turbulent months. Head chef René Redzepi pursues his unique vision and culinary talent with military precision while exploring the tastes and flavours of the Nordic Region. The thirty-year-old son of a bus driver and a cleaner, Redzepi found his way to catering school by accident and never looked back. At Noma, international chefs and former prison inmates work side-by-side in the pursuit of world-class cooking. "It''s like in the military, but this time it''s not some jerk shouting at me," says Robert Petersen, a body-builder with a violent past. Working 70 to 80 hours a week, the restaurant''s staff is under constant pressure to give guests a unique experience, as nothing less than perfect is accepted by Redzepi.
Basic information Credits
Original title Noma på kogepunktet
Danish title Noma på kogepunktet
Director Christian Vorting
Producer Anders Agger
Director of Photography Christian Vorting, Anders Holck
Editor David Rue
Appearance René Redzepi
Production country Denmark
TV release 12.11.2008, DR 1
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Production company DR


Direction Christian Vorting


Producer Anders Agger
Executive producer Steen Jensen


Cinematographer Christian Vorting
Cinematographer Anders Holck


Editor David Rue


Sound mixer Niels David Rønsholt

Visual effects

Colourist Niels David Rønsholt


Appearance René Redzepi

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