Maid in Hell

Søren Klovborg, Denmark, 2018


Harassment, abuse and 18-hour working days, the lives of thousands of domestic workers in the Middle East resemble modern slavery. Maids coming from poor countries in Africa and Asia are locked up for years and with their passports confiscated, they are unable to escape the omnipresent control of their employer.
With unprecedented access the film discloses the agents behind the illegal recruiting of maids, and it uncovers and investigates the maids stories and the lack of justice. It is a world of trafficking as a business, where millions of women are traded to families in the Middle East. Numerous cases of rape, violence, torture and even murder have led countries in Africa and Asia to ban their citizens from working as maids in the Middle East, but in a market of demand and supply, the agents have no intention of stopping the import.
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Original title Maid in Hell
Danish title Hushjælp i helvede
Other titles Why Slavery
Keywords Middle East, The, Lebanon, Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, The, Domestic help, Women, Girls, Working conditions, Slavery, Violence, Sexual assaults, Deaths, 2010-2019
Director Søren Klovborg
Producer Mette Heide
Director of Photography Mads Nielsen, Morten Krüger, Henrik B. Ipsen, Peter Murimi, Mathias Vejen, Lau Kræn Svensson
Editor Nicholas Biagetti
Sound Henrik Gugge Garnov
Composer Jonas Colstrup
Production country Denmark
TV release 15.10.2018, DR 1, en del af serien "Why Slavery"
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Production company Plus Pictures
In collaboration with The Why Foundation


Direction Søren Klovborg


Producer Mette Heide
Fixer Collins Odhiambo
Coordinator Jacob Utzon
Coordinator Anton Lisner


Cinematographer Mads Nielsen
Cinematographer Morten Krüger
Cinematographer Henrik B. Ipsen
Cinematographer Peter Murimi
Cinematographer Mathias Vejen
Cinematographer Lau Kræn Svensson


Editor Nicholas Biagetti


Composer Jonas Colstrup


Sound designer Henrik Gugge Garnov

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