We are Journalists

Ahmad Jalali Farahani, Denmark, 2014

85 min.DK/Documentary

A documentary film about the difficult conditions of Iranian journalists inside and outside the country and based on the personal story of the director. The film lays bare not only Ahmad's personal pain and suffering in his relentless fight for freedom of expression, but also the plight of many Iranian journalists who lost their livelihoods when the newspapers they worked for were banned.
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Original title We are Journalists
Danish title Vi er journalister
Keywords Journalists, Journalism, Press freedom, Iran, 2010-2019
Director Ahmad Jalali Farahani
Producer Anja Dalhoff
Director of Photography Ahmad Jalali Farahani, Anja Dalhoff
Editor Ahmad Jalali Farahani
Sound Henrik Gugge Garnov
Appearance Ahmad Jalali Farahani
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Persisk
Production company Danish Doc Production
International sales Journeyman Pictures
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Danish Doc Production
With support from New Danish Screen, TV2, DR


Direction Ahmad Jalali Farahani


Dramaturge consultant Frank Piasecki Poulsen


Producer Anja Dalhoff


Cinematographer Ahmad Jalali Farahani
Cinematographer Anja Dalhoff


Still photographer Leila Malekmohammadi


Editor Ahmad Jalali Farahani
Editing supervisor Janus Billeskov Jansen


Music Povl Kristian


Sound designer Henrik Gugge Garnov

Visual effects

Graphic design Ahmad Jalali Farahani


Appearance Ahmad Jalali Farahani

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Bergen International Film festival 2015-09-23
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015-03-13
CPH:DOX 2014-11-06
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