Body Switch

Jørn Faurschou, Denmark, 1995

86 min.DK/FeatureScience fictionYouth films

A dying elderly scientist proposes love-sick Jonas a cure that will improve the youngster's physical skills and general sex-appeal. What the scientist really aims to accomplish is a body switch: he wants to survive in a young man's body and gladly leaves Jonas to wake up in his own wasted frame. Jonas must somehow signal his predicament to his friends. Both men rev up for a survival-of-the-fittest chase.
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Original title Farligt venskab
Danish title Farligt venskab
International titles Brain X-change
Director Jørn Faurschou
Screenplay Jørn Faurschou, Thorstein Thomsen, Ib Kastrup, Per Nielsen
Director of Photography Eric Kress
Editor Camilla Skousen
Sound Morten Degnbol
Composer Stefan Nilsson
Production designer Søren Gam
Appearance Ulf Pilgaard, Morten Schaffalitzky, Kenn Godske, Helle Fagralid
Production country Denmark, Sweden
Domestic distribution All Right Film
International sales Thura Film A/S
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color
Danish theatrical release 06.10.1995
Cinemas Palads, Bio Lyngby, Scala, Gladsaxe Bio, Værløse Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), provinsbiografer
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 12
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Production company Thura Film, Moviola Film & TV
Domestic distribution All Right Film


Direction Jørn Faurschou
Assistant director Joakim Höglund
Continuity Jill Knuttel


Screenplay Jørn Faurschou
Screenplay Thorstein Thomsen
Screenplay Ib Kastrup
Screenplay Per Nielsen
Storyboard Ene Ravn


Post Producer Tina Dalhoff
Co-producer Jesper Boas Smith
Consulting producer Per Nielsen
Production manager Gisela Bergquist
Production manager Hans Lindgren
Post-production manager Tina Dalhoff
Production assistant Lottie Terp Jakobsen
Location manager Kenneth Berg


Cinematography Eric Kress
Camera assistant Philip Forbes
Camera assistant Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Camera assistant Claus Rosenløv Jensen
Camera assistant Mads Thomsen
Steadicam operator Jakob Bonfils
Loader Bastian Schiøtt
Key grip Emil Øigaard
Key grip Mark Mavrinac


Stills Ole Kragh-Jacobsen


Editing Camilla Skousen
Assistant editor Mette Esmark


Music Stefan Nilsson

Production design

Production design Søren Gam
Set dresser Peter Grant
Assistant set dresser Sune Saabye
Assistant set dresser Rasmus With
Props Tine Hieronymus Nielsen


Wardrobe Tine Engelbrecht


Makeup Elizabeth Bukkehave


Sound designer Morten Degnbol
Recording engineer Leif Jensen
Sound editor Henrik Gugge Garnov

Visual effects

Color timing Michael Frank Nielsen


Stunt coordinator Lasse Spang Olsen
Stunts Klaus Hjuler


Per Wahlin Ulf Pilgaard
Jonas Kant Morten Schaffalitzky
Teis Kenn Godske
Lina Helle Fagralid
Simon Lars Lippert
Anne Kant Stephania Potalivo
Grethe Wahlin Anne Werner Thomsen
Jonas' mor Charlotte Sieling
Jonas' far Peter Hesse Overgaard
Teis' far Jørn Faurschou
Teis' mor Lisbet Lundquist
Linas far Kristian Halken
Sørens, træner Asger Reher
Rasmus Kenneth Friis
Chico Frederik Ravnstrup
Bankdame Jannie Faurschou
Vred mand Michael Zuckow Mardorf
Maja Gry Bagøien
Festband Big Fat Snake
Stine Laura Bøndergaard

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