Tómas Gislason

(1961 – )

Director, editor, cinematographer, screenwriter. Born July 29,1961. Graduated as an editor from the National Film School of Denmark in 1982.

Gislason was admitted to the National Film School of Denmark at age 18, even though the school had a minimum age requirement of 21. He edited several of Lars von Trier's student films such as Trier's graduation film 'Images of Liberation' (1982).

Gislason's collaboration with von Trier continued after film school, and he served as editor and co-writer of several of von Trier's films. He won a Danish Robert for 'Element of Crime' (1984). In 2019 he co-directed the documentary 'The Missing Films' about Lars von Trier.

In addition to his collaboration with Trier, he edited other directors' fiction and non-fiction films. Among others, 'The World of Buster' (1984) and 'Time Out' (1988).

Gislason made his directorial debut in 1994 with 'Heart and Soul', a documentary portrait of the filmmaker Jørgen Leth. Since then, he has directed a string of highly personal documentaries, often addressing political subjects and always taking off from the director's curiosity, fascination and fear. 'Patrioterne' is a road television documentary about American right-wing extremism in the '90s. 'Maximum Penalty' is about the author Ole Sohn's attempt to uncover the fate of two Danish communists during Stalin's purges in 1930s Moscow. "Overcoming" tracks the CSC cycling team up to and during the 2004 Tour de France.

Apart from "P.O.V. - Point of View," a fiction film about a young Danish woman bumming around California, Gislason's filmography mainly numbers documentaries.

In 2001, Gislason founded a production company, Funk Film. He has taught at the National Film School of Denmark and directed numerous commercials.
Filmography Music
Title Year Function Category
The Missing Films 2020 Direction, Cinematographer DK/Documentary
I Walk 2020 Cinematographer, Editor, Drone operator DK/Documentary
Prelle – In My Own Voice 2020 Consultant DK/Documentary
Partiernes skjulte overgreb 2020 Consultant Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star (overview) 2020 Restauration Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 2:6 - The Disaster 2020 Restauration Series (documentary)
Scandinavian Star 1:6 2020 Restauration Series (documentary)
The Cave 2019 Consultant DK/Documentary
Villa Villekulla 2019 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die 2019 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
The Great Game 2018 Editor: development DK/Documentary
In Embryo 2016 Editor Feature
Sparrows 2015 Pick-up chauffør DK/Feature
Me, myself & Martin Laursen 2012 Director supervisor DK/Documentary
Antichrist 2009 1st assistant director: test shoot DK/Feature
Under bæltestedet 2006 Consultant DK/Short fiction
Et andet sted 2006 Editing supervisor DK/Short fiction
Overcoming 2005 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Turn back time 2005 Direction DK/Documentary
Lars von Trier Anecdotes 2005 Appearance TV documentary
P.O.V. - Point of View 2002 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Editing DK/Feature
Den højeste straf 2000 Direction, Cinematography, Script DK/Documentary
Dancer in the Dark 2000 Consultant DK/Feature
In China They Eat Dogs 1999 Trailer editor DK/Feature
In Doctor Von Trier's laboratory: Back to the magic of cinema 1998 Appearance TV documentary
Morgenfryd 1998 Consultant DK/Short fiction
Exit non-stop 1998 Consultant DK/Short fiction
Patrioterne 1997 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Tranceformer 1997 Appearance Documentary
Nattegn - en film om Peter Laugesen 1997 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Haiti. Uden titel 1996 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Breaking the Waves 1996 Continuity, Script consultant, Script supervisor DK/Feature
Onde år 1995 Direction TV film
Heart and Soul 1994 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Kingdom 1994 Screenplay DK/Feature
Guldalder 1993 Consultant DK/Documentary
Trier's Element 1991 Appearance TV documentary
The great day on the beach 1991 Editing DK/Feature
Zentropa 1991 Director: 2. unit, Screenplay DK/Feature
Perfect world 1990 Screenplay, Editing supervisor DK/Experimental
An Abyss of Freedom 1989 Editing DK/Feature
Time out 1988 Editing DK/Feature
Een gang strømer... 1987 Editing TV series
Skytturnar 1987 Editing Feature
Take It Easy 1986 Trailer DK/Feature
The Silent Girls 1985 Editing DK/Documentary
The World of Buster 1984 Editing DK/Feature
The element of crime 1984 Editing, Sound, Screenplay DK/Feature
Curandero - sygdom og helbredelse 1983 Editing DK/Documentary
Zappa 1983 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Images of a relief 1982 Editing DK/Short fiction
A day in the life 1982 Editing DK/Feature
Bigger than life 1982 Editor DK/Short fiction
Den sidste detalje 1981 Editing DK/Short fiction
Nocturne 1981 Editor DK/Short fiction
Tomas, a child out of reach 1980 Assistant editor, Trailer DK/Documentary
Music Year Film Function
P.O.V. - Point of View [Score] 2002 P.O.V. - Point of View Composer