Villa Villekulla

Patricia Bbaale Bandak, Denmark, 2019

29 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films

Eight far-flung siblings gather for a family reunion on the island of Falster in Denmark. There they combine the feasts and games of their Danish upbringing with the prayer and song of their Ugandan homeland, in an effort to better understand their parentage and the pain that marks their past.
Basic information Credits
Original title Villa Villekulla
Danish title Villa Villekulla
Keywords 2010-2019, Denmark, Siblings, Families, Immigrants
Director Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Screenplay Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Producer Victor Rocha da Cunha
Director of Photography Loui Ladegaard
Editor Louis Emil Ramm Seeberg
Sound Mia Terry
Production designer Ronja Hage Tange
Appearance Doreen Fenger-Bbaale, Joanita Namata Bbaale, Regina Bbraale, Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Production country Denmark
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
In collaboration with DR


Direction Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Consultant Max Kestner


Screenplay Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Script consultant Sara Isabella Jønsson


Producer Victor Rocha da Cunha
Production manager William Juul
Production manager Lars Iversen
Production coordinator Katrine Boberg
Coordinator Julie Tarding
Coordinator Karen Nørøxe
Coordinator Line Gildam


Cinematographer Loui Ladegaard
First assistant camera Jeppe Tang
Camera assistant Malte Klarskov Hermansen


Editor Louis Emil Ramm Seeberg
Editing supervisor Tómas Gislason

Production design

Production designer Ronja Hage Tange
Assistant set dresser Téo Lepetit


Sound engineer Mia Terry
Sound consultant Hans-Erik Philip
Sound consultant Rune Bjerre Sand

Visual effects

Colourist Edoardo Rebecchi
Graphic design Nanna Nyboe Tabor
Technical chief Peter Posgaard
Technical assistant Anders Svanborg Kjeldsen
Technical assistant Andreas Løvstrøm Moe


Appearance Doreen Fenger-Bbaale
Appearance Joanita Namata Bbaale
Appearance Regina Bbraale
Appearance Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Appearance "Store" Paul Bbaale
Appearance "Lille" Paul Bbaale
Appearance Peter Bbaale
Appearance Sylvester Bbaale

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