Shanne 5:5 - Nye og gamle venner

Ulla Søe, Sussie Weinold, Denmark, 2012

15 min.DK/Documentary

Shanne is 13 years old and Emma is 12 years old. They have been friends forever it seems. They went to the same class for years but now Emma has moved. Shanne found a new best friend, Jasmin, but now she is moving too! Teenage life is full of challenges for these girls and especially their friendships. This film opens the door to the girls' room, an unfamiliar space, where emotions are interpreted and turned inside out and back again. It's hard and it's fun and it's for girls!
Basic information Credits
Original title Shanne 5:5 - Nye og gamle venner
Danish title Shanne 5:5 - Nye og gamle venner
Keywords Girls, Girlfriends, Friendship, Identity
Director Ulla Søe, Sussie Weinold
Screenplay Sussie Weinold, Ulla Søe
Producer Mette Mailand
Director of Photography Martin Munck, Adam Wallensten, Bo Tengberg, Signe Tora Munk Bencke, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, Thomas Larsen, Nikolai Østergaard
Editor Camilla Ebling
Sound Peter Albrechtsen
Composer Sune Martin
Appearance Shanne Vega, Emma Just Kroll, Daniela Bruhn Lau
Production country Denmark
Danish festival release 19.09.2012, Grand, samt 20/9 i CinemaxX og 21/9 i Cinemateket, Buster-festivalen 2012
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Plus Pictures


Direction Ulla Søe
Direction Sussie Weinold


Script Sussie Weinold
Script Ulla Søe


Producer Mette Mailand
DR editor Christian Volfing


Cinematography Martin Munck
Cinematography Adam Wallensten
Cinematography Bo Tengberg
Cinematography Signe Tora Munk Bencke
Cinematography Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Cinematography Thomas Larsen
Cinematography Nikolai Østergaard


Editing Camilla Ebling


Music Sune Martin


Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen
B-sound designer Jacques Pedersen

Visual effects

Colourist Anders Vadgaard Christensen
Graphic design Rasmus Lange
Technical support Erlend Indseth


Appearance Shanne Vega
Appearance Emma Just Kroll
Appearance Daniela Bruhn Lau

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