White Black Boy

Camilla Magid, Denmark, 2012

57 min.DK/Documentary

Shida is the new kid in class in a private boarding school in Tanzania. He is shy, he has no self esteem,
he does not speak one word of English - the primary language in the school, and he suffers from albinism. Like most children with albinism in the country, Shida was taken away from his parents to be protected from the witchcraft related killings. The film follows Shida during his first year at the new school where the rules are strict and tolerance low. He is trying his best to meet the demands. The school is his one chance to ge an education and to escape a life on the bottom of society. With the help from his new friend Allan, he is struggling to become better in school and to be accepted by the teachers and pupils.
Basic information Credits
Original title Sort hvid dreng
Danish title Sort hvid dreng
Keywords Albinos, Tanzania, Boarding schools
Director Camilla Magid
Screenplay Rasmus Heisterberg
Producer Jacob Oliver Krarup
Director of Photography Talib Rasmussen
Editor Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen, Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen
Sound Peter Albrechtsen
Composer Johann Johansson
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language English,Swahili
Domestic distribution Fourhands Film
International sales First Hand Films World Sales
Technical info 16:9, color, Dolby SR
Danish festival release 01.11.2012, Cinemateket, CPH:DOX 2012
TV release 04.02.2013, DR 2
Online release 05.02.2013, Filmstriben
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Fourhands Film
Co-production Safina Film
With support from New Danish Screen, Det Obelske Familiefond
Domestic distribution Fourhands Film


Direction Camilla Magid


Screenplay Rasmus Heisterberg


Producer Jacob Oliver Krarup
Production manager: Tanzania Ernest Mulokozi
Production assistant: Tanzania Kombo Shaha Salehe


Cinematography Talib Rasmussen


Editing Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen
Editor Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen
Editing supervisor Adam Nielsen
Editing supervisor Molly Malene Stensgaard
Editing supervisor Janus Billeskov Jansen


Music Johann Johansson


Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen
Sound effects Jacob Kirkegaard
Sound editor Jacques Pedersen
Assistant sound editor Tamás Stéger
Foley artist Martin Langenbach
Foley recordist Christoph Oertel

Visual effects

Online and colorgrading Maria Klarlund
Graphic design Ida Maria Nissen

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