Maria Klarlund

Title Year Function Category
As the Tide comes in 2023 VFX DK/Documentary
The Mountains 2023 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Moosa Lane 2022 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
The Fall 2022 Colorist Assistent DK/Documentary
Mr. Graversen 2022 Colorist Assistent DK/Documentary
All that Remains to be Seen 2022 Colorist Assistent DK/Documentary
Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest 2021 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
On Screen Off Record 2021 Colorist Assistent DK/Documentary
From the Wild Sea 2021 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Solutions 2021 Colorist Assistent DK/Documentary
Skál 2021 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Follow You Home 2021 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Journey to Utopia 2020 Colourist DK/Documentary
Attacked – The Copenhagen Shootings 2020 Colourist DK/Documentary
Being Eriko 2020 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
7 Years of Lukas Graham 2020 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Vakuum (oversigt) 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 1:9 – Do you think I''m boring? 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 2:9 – If you really wanted to 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 3:9 – I''m sorry I shot you 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 4:9 – Two dots on a balloon 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 5:9 – Everything rotates 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 6:9 – It starts to splinter 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 7:9 – Fitness 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 8:9 – They don''t have a clue what''s important 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
Vakuum 9:9 – Suddenly I saw myself from above 2019 Colourist Series (fiction)
A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy 2019 Assistant colorgrader, VFX Documentary
The Reformist – a female Imam 2019 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Long, Live, Love 2019 Assistant colorgrader DK/Documentary
Fat Front 2019 Technical support DK/Documentary
Forget Me Not 2019 VFX DK/Documentary
Heartbound – a different kind of love story 2018 VFX DK/Documentary
The Raven and the Seagull 2018 Grading DK/Documentary
October Boy 2018 VFX DK/Short fiction
Those Who Jump 2016 Grading DK/Documentary
What We Become 2016 Post-production assistant DK/Feature
Pebbles at Your Door 2015 Colourist DK/Documentary
Machine 2015 Colourist DK/Short fiction
Bad Boy Breathing 2014 Colourist DK/Documentary
Democrats 2014 Colourist DK/Documentary
Moon Rider 2012 VFX DK/Documentary
White Black Boy 2012 Online and colorgrading DK/Documentary
Barvalo 2012 Colourist DK/Short fiction
Thors saga 2011 Colourist DK/Documentary
Ladyboy 2011 Online and colorgrading DK/Short fiction
How Are You 2011 Online and colorgrading DK/Documentary
They have sold the lungs of the world 2010 Colourist DK/Documentary
Tank City 2010 Colourist DK/Documentary
Heart of Mine 2009 Grading DK/Documentary
Weightless - a Recording Session with Jakob Bro 2009 Colourist DK/Documentary
Ensom er noget man er for sig selv 2009 Colourist DK/Short fiction