The Worlds of Eriko


The story about the Japanese classical pianist Eriko Makimura. The film conveys the ways in which a female classical pianist from Japan has been shaped, through force, public humiliation and an endless sea of loneliness. The piano simultaneously became her executioner and her savior. It is a film about the clash between classical music and personal performance, as a counter-reaction to the world that Eriko came to be a part of since she was only two years old, and on which she has not had much influence herself. It is about the meeting of two cultures: the Japanese from which Eriko originates, and the Scandinavian, in which Eriko finds the freedom and open minds that she has been longing for ever since she was a child. The film is a rare look into what goes on behind the facade of a pianist-perfection impersonated in a human – a human, who suffers from severe scars on her soul. It depicts the necessity of a tremendous detour in order to find her way back to her passion for performing classical concerts again.
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Original title Erikos verdener
Danish title Erikos verdener
Other titles The Worlds of Eriko
Director Jannik Splidsboel
Producer Sara Stockmann, Elin Kamlert
Production country Denmark
Production companies Sonntag Pictures ApS, Kamlert Film


Production companies Sonntag Pictures ApS, Kamlert Film


Direction Jannik Splidsboel


Producer Sara Stockmann
Producer Elin Kamlert

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