Søren Steen Jespersen

Director and producer. Graduated from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 1993.

He has produced several awardwinning documentaries, among others ''69'' (2006), winner of awards at Nordisk Panorama and CPH:DOX, and ''Last Men in Aleppo'' (2017), winner of the international documentary competition at the Sundance Film Festival and the main prize at CPH:DOX. The latter was subsequently nominated for an Oscar.

''Warriors from the North'' (2014), co-directed with Nasib Farah, is Jespersen''s debut as a documentary film director. His second feature documentary ''Lost Warrior'', also co-directed with Nasib Farah, premiered in competition at CPH:DOX.

Jespersen was nominated twice for The Cavling Award. In 2019 he served as a jury member at CPH:DOX.

Founded production company Bastard Film in 2000, where he worked as producer and CEO until 2009. In 2010 he founded production company Larm Film that produces documentaries, TV and radio.
Title Year Function Category
Moosa Lane 2022 Producer: development DK/Documentary
Being Eriko 2020 Producer: development DK/Documentary
Dreams from The Outback 2019 Producer DK/Documentary
A New Beginning 2019 Producer DK/Documentary
Lost Warrior 2018 Direction DK/Documentary
Last Men in Aleppo 2017 Producer DK/Documentary
On the Edge of Freedom 2017 Producer DK/Documentary
Warriors from the North 2014 Direction, Story DK/Documentary
The Carbon Crooks 2013 Producer DK/Documentary
The power of words 2012 Producer DK/Documentary
Blekingegadebanden 2009 Executive producer DK/Documentary
Mirror 2009 Executive producer DK/Documentary
69 2008 Producer DK/Documentary
Muhammedkrisen under huden 2007 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Verden i Danmark 2007 Executive producer DK/Documentary
BZ 2006 Producer DK/Documentary
Hamsun - hero and traitor 1996 Production DK/Documentary
Hamlet har da blå øjne 1990 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Emil 1988 Direction DK/Documentary
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