Songs of Repression wins DOX:AWARD

CPH:DOX. The award winners at this year's edition of the big doc fest in Copenhagen were announced Friday during a ceremony in the festival's online cinema. The main prize went to the Danish film 'Songs of Repression' by Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner.

The awards ceremony at CPH:DOX 2020, in continuation of the festival's temporary switch to a virtual event, was broadcast online Friday.

The main Dox:Award was presented to the Danish film 'Songs of Repression', directed by Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner and produced by Final Cut for Real.

The jury emphasizes in its motivation that "the film offers a variety of complex, interesting and endearing characters and as the story unfolds it brings us magical cinematic moments that are true to the tradition of cinéma vérité when it is great". Read the full motivation.

Hougen-Moraga and Wagner's film also received the inaugural Politiken:Danish:Dox Award, launched by the Politiken daily.

Other Danish winners were 'Being Eriko' by Jannik Splidsboel, recipient of the Nordic:Dox Award, and 'Hana Korea' by Frederik Sølberg, who took home the Eurimages Co-production Development Award for best pitch.

All winner at CPH:DOX 2020:

  • DOX:AWARD: Songs of Repression by Marianne Hougen-Moraga og Estephan Wagner (Denmark)
  • NEW:VISION: South by Morgan Quaintance (UK)
  • NEW:VISION Special Mention: Mother’s Tongue by Wingyee Wu and Lap-See Lam (Sweden)
  • FACT:AWARD: We Hold the Line by Marc Wiese (Germany)
  • FACT:AWARD Special Mention: The Social Dilemma by Jeff Orlowski (USA)
  • NORDIC:DOX: Being Eriko by Jannik Splidsboel (Denmark)
  • NORDIC:DOX Special Mention: Själö – Island of Souls by Lotta Petronella (Finland)
  • NEXT:WAVE: Mayor by David Osit (USA)
  • NEX:WAVE Special Mention: Sisters with Transistors by Lisa Rovner (UK)
  • Politiken:Danish:Dox Award: Songs of Repression by Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner (Denmark)
  • Eurimages Co-Production Development Award: Hana Korea by Frederik Sølberg (Denmark)

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