Songs of Repression

88 min.DK/Documentary

In 1961, the German preacher Paul Schäfer and his congregation moved to Chile with the stated aim of helping the poor. They established Colonia Dignidad which transformed into a closed sect. This film explores how the remaining residents of the colony deal with 45 years of child abuse, collective beatings and slave-like living conditions. It also reveals how people in the colony assisted Pinochet’s dictatorship in torturing and killing political prisoners and burying them in mass graves on their own 16,000-hectare land. We meet those who completely deny the horrors and wish to only remember the bright moments, those who still today go through severe emotional struggles – and those caught in between.
Basic information Credits
Original title Undertrykkelsens sang
Danish title Undertrykkelsens sang
Keywords Chile, Religious sects, Immigrants, Violence, Sexual assaults, Child abuse, Political prisoners, Torture, Tourism, Germany, 2010-2019
Director Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga
Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen, Heidi Elise Christensen
Director of Photography Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga
Editor Niels Pagh Andersen, Estephan Wagner
Sound Jan Schermer, Jan Schermer, Paul Bijpost
Appearance Horst Schaffrik, Jürgen Sczurgeliez, Helga Bohnau, Dora Barr
Production country Denmark
International sales Autlook Filmsales
Online release 02.10.2020, Filmcentralen
Comment Winner of the main competition at CPH:DOX. Estephan Wagner co-directed the acclaimed ’Les sauteurs’ which premiered at the Berlinale 2016.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company
Executive Producer Final Cut for Real ApS
Co-production Viking Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Den Hollandske Filmfond, Creative Europe
In collaboration with DR


Direction Estephan Wagner
Direction Marianne Hougen-Moraga


Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen
Producer Heidi Elise Christensen
Executive producer Joshua Oppenheimer
Executive producer Bruno Betatti
Co-producer Marleen Slot
Post-production manager Remco Mastwijk
Post-production manager Fleur van Eldik
Production assistant Aoibhe Jessen
Production assistant Stine Møldrup Sørensen
Production assistant Tora Jensen
Production assistant Sidsel Philipsen
Production assistant Frederikke Møller Helvad
Production assistant Megumi Arita
Production assistant Jonathan Gyasi Sampson
Post Producer Francesc Sitges-Sardà
Post Producer Maria Kristensen
Post Producer Esther Nissen
Technical assistant Mauricio González-Aranda
Technical assistant Waltteri Vanhanen


Cinematographer Estephan Wagner
Cinematographer Marianne Hougen-Moraga
2nd cinematographer Carlos Arango de Montis
2nd cinematographer Pablo Valdés


Editor Niels Pagh Andersen
Editor Estephan Wagner


Sound engineer Jan Schermer
Re-recording mixer Jan Schermer
Sound designer Jan Schermer
Sound engineer Paul Bijpost
Foley artist Daimo da Costa
Foley artist Burak Öztas
Coordinator Christian Muiser
Coordinator Chaja Koe
Coordinator Naomi Polhaupessy
ADR mixer Peter Schultz

Visual effects

Technical supervisor Anders V. Christensen
Colourist Judy Steenman
VFX supervisor Stefan Beekhuijzen
Conforming Maarten Heijblok
Online technician Wouter Betting
Digital intermediate Ivo Noorlander
Digital intermediate Fleur Stikkelorum
Graphic design Troels Faber
Graphic design Ian Bennett


Appearance Horst Schaffrik
Appearance Jürgen Sczurgeliez
Appearance Helga Bohnau
Appearance Dora Barr
Appearance Johannes Neufeld
Appearance Acki Georg Laube
Appearance Maria Schnellenkamp
Appearance Magdalena Barr
Appearance Schorsch Georg Schmitke
Appearance Friedhelm Zeitner
Appearance Thomas Schnellenkamp
Appearance Hilde Wagner
Appearance Elisabeth Baar
Appearance Erna Krüger
Appearance Lilian Schaffrick
Appearance Rita Seelbach
Appearance Dr. Diego López
Appearance Karen Hintzner
Appearance Dorothee Münch
Appearance Edith Gerlach
Appearance Aurelio Schaffrik
Appearance Benjamin Schaffrik
Appearance Viola Zeitner
Appearance Adela Zeitner
Appearance Adelheid Baar
Appearance Annemarie Schreiber
Appearance Dorothea Welnitz
Appearance Daniel Gert
Appearance Elias Schreiber
Appearance Elisa Schreiber
Appearance Elli Gerlach
Appearance Emilio Schreiber
Appearance Erich Schreiber
Appearance Esteban Schreiber
Appearance Ester Tim
Appearance Eva Laube
Appearance Filipe Vasquez
Appearance Felipe Campos
Appearance Günther Schaffrik
Appearance Hans Wieske
Appearance Helmut Baar
Appearance Herbert Münch
Appearance Hildegard Möhring
Appearance Ida Laube
Appearance Isidora Perez
Appearance Iván Cáceres
Appearance Karl van der Berg
Appearance Klara Matthusen
Appearance Lenchen Dreipelcher
Appearance Lili Schreiber
Appearance Marilyn Schreiber
Appearance Markus Blank
Appearance Michaela Schennelkamp
Appearance Nelly Zeitner
Appearance Norbert Laube
Appearance Robert Matthusen
Appearance Rodrigo Lorca
Appearance Sara Schnellenkamp
Appearance Sieglinde Baar
Appearance Werner Szurgelies

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