The Happy Native

Lasse Lau, Denmark, 2018

75 min.DK/Documentary

A journey along the beautiful west coast of Greenland and its proud Inuit culture. We meet a modern Greenland in an ongoing struggle with becoming fully independent of Denmark and reckoning the past with the future. 300 years of colonial history has set an imprint in the faces of two nations. In Greenland, we meet a young pregnant woman in the small town of Qeqertarsuaq at her last doctor’s appointment communicating in a language she doesn’t understand. In Copenhagen, the young hunter is trapped with his kayak in the urban water basin in the middle of the city.
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Danish title Lykkelænder
Other titles The Happy Native
Director Lasse Lau
Screenplay Lasse Lau
Producer Rie Hougaard Landgreen, Rikke Tambo Andersen
Director of Photography Chris Dapkins
Appearances Nukâka Coster-Waldau, Vivi Nielsen, Aannguaq René J. Hansen, Angunnguaq Larsen
Production country Denmark
International sale Kran Film Collective / Gasværksvej 10 A, st. / 1656 København V / t + 45 60 66 62 75 / info@kranfilm.net / www.kranfilm.net
Comment The film is the artistic debut of Lasse Lau. Kran Film Collective is a Copenhagen- and Brooklyn-based network of international visual artists and filmmakers from outside the traditional roam of filmmaking.



Direction Lasse Lau


Screenplay Lasse Lau


Producer Rie Hougaard Landgreen
Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen
Co-producer Pipaluk K. Jørgensen


Cinematographer Chris Dapkins


Editor Charlotte Munch Bengtsen


Composer Max Schneider


Sound Max Schneider
Sound Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Sound: post production Max Schneider


Appearance Nukâka Coster-Waldau
Appearance Vivi Nielsen
Appearance Aannguaq René J. Hansen
Appearance Angunnguaq Larsen
Appearance Makka Kleist

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CPH:DOX 2018-03-15
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