Rikke Tambo Andersen

(1985 – )

Producer. Born 23/5 1985. Holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen and a MA in Management of Creative Business Processes. Graduated as Producer from the alternative Danish film school Super16 in 2016.

Tambo Andersen has produced both features, shorts and documentaries. During her years at Super16 she produced, among other, the short ''Emmafilmemma'' (2014) as well as the two graduation features ''Kærester'' (2016) and ''Aqua Mamas'' (2016). She has since been a part of the production of the two documentaries ''Xenia'' (2016) and ''Code Faithful'' (2017).
Title Year Function Category
Silent Sun Of Russia 2023 Producer DK/Documentary
The Last Human 2022 Producer DK/Documentary
The Penultimate 2021 Producer DK/Feature
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Elsker, elsker ikke 2021 Producer DK/Documentary
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Absolute Beginners (overview) 2021 Producer Series (documentary)
Love Bound – When your child becomes mentally ill 2021 Associate producer DK/Documentary
Forever Young Forever Old – A Love Story 2021 Executive producer DK/Documentary
He''s My Brother 2021 Producer: development DK/Documentary
A Colombian Family 2019 Producer DK/Documentary
Fall of Kings 2019 Production supervisor DK/Documentary
On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship 2019 Production supervisor DK/Documentary
Den nat vi faldt 2018 Producer DK/Documentary
The Raven and the Seagull 2018 Producer DK/Documentary
Holiday 2018 Production DK/Feature
The Raft 2018 Production coordinator Documentary
Stay Behind – My Grandfathers Secret War 2017 Production manager DK/Documentary
Aqua Mamas 2016 Producer DK/Short fiction
Lovers 2016 Producer DK/Feature
My Tokyo Fairytale 2016 Producer DK/Documentary
Livø 2016 Producer DK/Short fiction
Confessions of a Truckdriver 2016 Production DK/Documentary
Svans 2016 Producer DK/Short fiction
Emmafilmemma 2014 Producer DK/Short fiction
Cooper''s Challenge 2014 Assistant editor, Production manager DK/Documentary
For livet 2013 Producer DK/Short fiction
Under den samme himmel 2013 Production manager DK/Documentary
De udvalgte 2013 Production assistant DK/Documentary
Rogue Girls 2012 Assistant editor, Production manager DK/Documentary
Fröken Märkvärdig & karriären 2011 Voice Short fiction
Før stormen 2011 Production manager DK/Short fiction
To All My Friends 2010 Production manager DK/Short fiction
My good enemy 2010 Extras coordinator DK/Feature
Sangen 2009 Camera assistant DK/Short fiction
Zoomerne 2009 Production assistant DK/Feature
Profetia 2009 Production assistant DK/Feature