Niels Holstein Kaa, Denmark, 2016

93 min.DK/Feature

Winter finally comes to an end, and Marie dives to the bottom of the local swimming pool. The bicycle lanes and street cafés slowly come to life, and soon sunbathers gather at the beach. From behind his hotel desk Niklas watches the passing of summer. At the opposite side of town Nina sets out for her first day of junior year to the tune of Beach House.
Why do some people become lovers and others not? The film is a personal anchored story of three different people's experience with short-term relationships. The film investigates why some love relationship never develops, in a mix of documentary and fiction narrative.
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Production company Super16, Tambo Film


Direction Niels Holstein Kaa
Casting Gro Terp


Screenplay Magnus B. Bjørlo Lysbakken
Screenplay Niels Holstein Kaa
Script consultant Kaspar Munk


Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen
Producer's assistant Oliver Pilemand
Production assistant Morgan Winther-Queen


Director of Photography Nicolai Lok
Cinematographer Loui Ladegaard
Cinematographer Jonas Berlin
Cinematographer Carl August Jansson
Cinematographer Nicholas Bluff
Cinematographer Jonathan Rolf Mose


Editor Mark Bukdahl
Editor Esben Bay Grundsøe
Editor Paw Høvsgaard Laursen
Online Anders V. Christensen


Sound designer Peter Storm Wich
Sound designer Peter Seeba
Sound designer Mia Joanna Koskela Michaelsen
Sound designer Aslak Høstaker
Sound designer Morten Helgesen
Sound designer Karsten Diens Johansen
Sound consultant Peter Storm Wich
Sound mixer Peter Storm Wich
Recording engineer Magnus B. Bjørlo Lysbakken
Recording engineer Jonathan Franz Kaiser
Recording engineer Oliver Pilemand

Visual effects

VFX artist Thomas Irving
Colourist Peter Diemar
Poster artwork Kristina Reum Olsen


Appearance Marie Mailand
Appearance Niklas Herskind
Appearance Nina Therese Rask

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Anmeldelse Politiken-Fonden Yde, Katrine Hornstrup 2016-11-16
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