Thomas Irving

Title Year Function Category
A Dangerous Boy 2024 Editor DK/Documentary
Western Arabs 2019 Post-production assistant DK/Documentary
Bad Circumstances 2018 Post-production assistant DK/Documentary
The Two of Us 2018 Production assistant DK/Documentary
Christian IV 2018 DIT, Assistant editor DK/Feature
Land of the Free 2017 VFX DK/Documentary
Reconstructing Dad 2017 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Lovers 2016 VFX artist DK/Feature
Those Who Jump 2016 Post-production assistant DK/Documentary
What We Become 2016 Post-production assistant DK/Feature
Udkantsdreng 2015 Colourist DK/Short fiction
Here and now 2014 Graphic design DK/Short fiction
Disportrait 2014 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Democrats 2014 Technical support DK/Documentary
Lækre til vi dør 2013 Assistant editor DK/Short fiction
A Hipstory 2012 Assistant editor DK/Short fiction
Ladyboy 2011 Assistant editor DK/Short fiction