Reconstructing Dad

Sven Vinge, Denmark, 2017

76 min.DK/Documentary

Sven lost his dad, and now has the opportunity to remember and re-experience their relationship. He desperately tries to get his father’s attention, which more often than not, is directed towards his own personal artistic creations, or sedated by alcohol. Finally, he takes up the confrontation he never had with his father, as a child, but in the end he has to accept, that it did not make a difference and that the real change is the acceptance of loss.
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Original title I fars hænder
Danish title I fars hænder
International titles In My Father's Hands
Keywords Denmark, Fathers, Sons, Father-son relation, Alcoholism, Anger, Reconciliation
Director Sven Vinge
Producer Jesper Jack, Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen
Director of Photography Sven Vinge, Brian Curt Petersen
Editor Anders Skov, Bodil Kjærhauge, Rebekka Jørgensen
Sound Søren Bentz, Bobby Hess, Jacob Davidsen, Ricardo Sousa
Composer Mons Niklas Schak
Casting Lena Paaske
Appearance Sven Vinge, Emilie Vinge, Rigmor Vinge, Elisabeth Roux Simenskis
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution DOXBIO
Danish theatrical release 28.02.2018
Cinemas DOXBIO
Online release 28.06.2018, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Electric Parc
Executive Producer House of Real
With support from New Danish Screen
Domestic distribution DOXBIO


Direction Sven Vinge
Casting Lena Paaske


Producer Jesper Jack
Producer Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen
Executive producer Morten Bundgaard
Production manager Freja Delgado
Production manager Christian von der Recke
Producer's assistant Gabriela Uweis
Producer's assistant Frederikke Mørkeberg
Producer's assistant Miki Pedersen
Post-production supervisor Anders V. Christensen


Cinematographer Sven Vinge
Cinematographer Brian Curt Petersen


Editor Anders Skov
Editor Bodil Kjærhauge
Editor Rebekka Jørgensen
Assistant editor Martin Munck Schmidt
Assistant editor Thomas Irving


Composer Mons Niklas Schak


Sound engineer Søren Bentz
Sound engineer Bobby Hess
Sound engineer Jacob Davidsen
Sound engineer Ricardo Sousa
Sound recordist Lars Halvorsen

Visual effects

Graphic design Jens Raunkjær Christensen
VFX artist Lars Gregers


Appearance Sven Vinge
Appearance Emilie Vinge
Appearance Rigmor Vinge
Appearance Elisabeth Roux Simenskis
Appearance Søren Vinge
Niels Vinge i Værkstedet/Niels Vinges stemme Robert Reinhold
Niels Vinge i Værkstedet Morten Hauch-Fausbøll
Niels Vinge i Værkstedet Michael Brostrup
Niels Vinge i Værkstedet Henrik Birch
Niels Vinge i Værkstedet Joen Højerslev
Lille Sven i Værkstedet Magnus Selin Svendsen
Lille Sven i Værkstedet Viktor Zakarias Schmidt
Lille Sven i Værkstedet Elias Budde Christensen
Lille Sven i Værkstedet Mads Dueholm
Ejeren af gården Hans Peter Mølholm

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Anmeldelse Information Monggaard, Christian 2018-02-28
Anmeldelse Politiken-Fonden Skotte Christensen, Kim 2018-02-28
Interview Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten Andersen, Marie-Louise 2018-02-28
Interview Politiken-Fonden Kamp, Simone 2018-02-27
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