Absolute Beginners (overview)

Thora Lorentzen, Denmark, 2021

44 min.Series (documentary)

In august 2019, 120 hopeful teenagers embark on a journey full of change, hope and dreams when they begin at the school, Klejtrup Musikefterskole. Some with the hope of getting new friends and putting traumas of bullying behind them. Others with the goal of overcoming this summer’s heartbreak or the wish to seek new adventures in a place far away from parents and familiar surroundings. All of them are looking for the experience of their lives. The school year gives them the opportunity to redefine who they want to be and to change in the new relations they take part in. They meet at crucial time in each other’s life. They are connected and changed forever.
Basic information Credits
Original title Efterskolen 2 – Et kys
Danish title Efterskolen 2 – Et kys
Part of Absolute Beginners (overview)
Keywords Independent boarding schools for lower secondary students, Young people, Friendship, Unity, Music, Teater, Parties, Falling in love, Sweethearts, 2020-2030
Director Thora Lorentzen
Screenplay Thora Lorentzen
Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen
Director of Photography Thora Lorentzen, Sybilla Tuxen, William Wievel, Assa Rytter, Jacob Sofusen, Sebastian Bjerregaard, Eva Marie Rødbro, Mikkel Kiilerich, Tobias Vestergaard
Editor Mark Bukdahl
Sound Peter Schultz
Production designer Veronika Maria Bach, Thilde Bogh, Sigrid Kipper Thau, Freya Sif Hestnes
Appearance Sanna Bæk Hoydal, Sofus Dannerfjord, Marius Bøwadt Jensen, Anders Bøwadt Jensen
Production country Denmark
TV release 13.06.2021
Online release 15.09.2021, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company
Executive Producer Bullitt Film, Tambo Film
With support from DR, Det Danske Filminstitut, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje


Direction Thora Lorentzen


Screenplay Thora Lorentzen


Producer Rikke Tambo Andersen
Executive producer Vibeke Vogel
Editor Signe Bruntse
Production Clara Bruun Sandbye
Production assistant Joanna Mikkelsen
Post Producer Maria Møller Christoffersen
Post-production supervisor Edoardo Rebecchi
Post-producton coordinator Inés Europa Crespo
Producer: development Kirstine Barfod
Producer: development Sidsel Lønvig Siersted
Line producer: Development Tobias Vestergaard
Production manager: development Signe Høi
Producer's assistant: development Josef Riel Mahmoud


Cinematographer Thora Lorentzen
Cinematographer Sybilla Tuxen
Cinematographer William Wievel
Cinematographer Assa Rytter
Cinematographer Jacob Sofusen
Cinematographer Sebastian Bjerregaard
Cinematographer Eva Marie Rødbro
Cinematographer Mikkel Kiilerich
Cinematographer Tobias Vestergaard
Drone operator Tao Adler


Still photographer Freya Sif Hestnes


Editor Mark Bukdahl
B-editor Karolina Bengtsson
B-editor Mads Michael Olsen
Assistant editor Gustav Nordentoft-Nissen
Avid supervisor Gustav Nordentoft-Nissen


Music supervisor Tin Soheill

Production design

Production designer Veronika Maria Bach
Production designer Thilde Bogh
Production designer Sigrid Kipper Thau
Production designer Freya Sif Hestnes


Sound designer Peter Schultz
Dialogue editor Peter Schultz

Special effects

SFX editor Toke Gelardi

Visual effects

Colourist Edoardo Rebecchi
Colourist Mamoun Abufarha
Online Casper Riis
VFX Casper Riis
Mastering Casper Riis


Appearance Sanna Bæk Hoydal
Appearance Sofus Dannerfjord
Appearance Marius Bøwadt Jensen
Appearance Anders Bøwadt Jensen
Appearance Samuel Bjerre
Appearance Nana Schmidt Olsen
Appearance Sofie Marie Nielsen
Appearance Alberte Sandø Klemmensen
Appearance Klara Kaasgaard Toft
Appearance Marius Pagh
Appearance Ingeborg Fjendbo Jørgensen
Appearance Nanna Enevoldsen
Appearance Jarl Kaad
Appearance Vanessa Baban
Appearance Mia Lodahl Carlsen
Appearance Nikolaj Rønaa
Appearance Niels Kasule
Appearance Sebastian Vestergaard
Appearance Carl Møller
Appearance Joe Timmins
Appearance Ebbe Hyldahl Rask
Appearance Jonas Salomonsen
Appearance Toke Skadhauge
Appearance Asger Falstie-Jensen

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