He's My Brother

Cille Hannibal, Denmark, 2021

75 min.DK/Documentary

What does it mean to give up one’s life to another? Peter is the brother of Christine - he is born deaf and blind, and the family has therefore always had to see and hear the world for him. Today Peter is 30 years old, still living at home. His need for help and assistance is so specific that the family is having trouble finding a residence for him. So what will happen to him, once the parents are no longer here to take care of him - who shall assure him a dignified life? “He’s My Brother” is a poetic film about the ties of blood and an incredible family dynamic. The film is told through the younger sister, Christine, who explores the role as sister and guardian, and what it actually means to have the responsibility of another life on her shoulders. She travels through a myriad of emotions, where she has to accepts her destiny - that she will be taking care of her brother when her parents no longer can.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Skyggebarn
Danish title Skyggebarn
Director Cille Hannibal
Co-director Christine Hanberg
Producer Monica Hellström
Director of Photography Cille Hannibal, Christine Hanberg, Julie Bezerra Madsen
Editor Sofie Stenberger
Sound Sune Kaarsberg
Composer Sune Kølster
Production country Denmark
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Comment Cille Hannibal graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2013. Her previous film, 'The Night We Fell' (2018), premiered at CPH:DOX.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte


Executive Producer Final Cut for Real ApS


Direction Cille Hannibal
Co-director Christine Hanberg


Producer Monica Hellström
Production manager Maria Kristensen
Production manager Esther Nissen


Cinematographer Cille Hannibal
Cinematographer Christine Hanberg
Cinematographer Julie Bezerra Madsen


Editor Sofie Stenberger


Composer Sune Kølster


Sound designer Sune Kaarsberg

Awards and nominations

Award Year Festival
Audience Award 2021 München Documentary Festival 2021
Special Mention 2021 CPH:DOX 2021

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
München Documentary Festival 2021-05-05
CPH:DOX 2021-04-21
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