Sune Køter Kølster

Title Year Function Category
How to understand a Maqam 2023 Composer DK/Documentary
He's My Brother 2021 Composer DK/Documentary
Dark Blossom 2021 Composer DK/Documentary
Believer - Kunsten at Sælge en Drøm 2021 Composer DK/Documentary
On My Mind 2021 Composer DK/Short fiction
Madison In Between 2020 Composer DK/Documentary
Dengang Danmark lukkede ned 2020 Music DK/Documentary
What the Golf?! 2019 Composer Game
Vi spiller efter gadens regler 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Rahma shopper nyt udstyr 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Sådan skaffer vi 5000 kr. 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Azalls første mål 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Rahma må træne alene 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Nastaran, altid den nye pige 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Azall tager røven på Aya 2018 Music Series (documentary)
99% klar til kamp 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Kampen om pladserne 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Mit hold forsvinder! 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Sådan bli'r vi et hold igen 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Vores helt, Nadia Nadim 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Rayan kæmper for sine veninder 2018 Music Series (documentary)
Life as a Grown Up 2017 Composer DK/Documentary
Parents 2016 Composer DK/Feature
Et knæk 2016 Conductor DK/Short fiction
Åbne øjne 2015 Composer DK/Documentary
The Owl 2015 Composer DK/Short fiction
Little Vulvah & her Clitoral Awareness 2014 Music DK/Short fiction
Ø 2014 Composer DK/Short fiction
Sort 2014 Composer DK/Short fiction
Ludo 2014 Music Feature
Boy 2013 Music DK/Documentary
Drengeliv 2013 Music DK/Short fiction
Waltzing Regitze 1989 Drengen Brian DK/Feature
The Redtops 1988 Rune DK/Feature