Dengang Danmark lukkede ned

Emil Nørgaard Munk, Denmark, 2020

30 min.DK/Documentary

Documentary short about Danish Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Filmed by the kids themselves. The film depicts how Danish children are put in a unique situation and how they handle the crisis in different ways. Some dive into creating music videos, stop motion film, animations. Others are vulnerable and have to take extra good care. Part of the kids are separated from their grandparents and the separation is hard. Part of the kids finally have time to be with their parents who normally is always at work. Across individual stories, the film depicts a shared tale of home schooling, boredom, rainbows and trampoline jumping in a very special time where Denmark is shut down.
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Original title Dengang Danmark lukkede ned
Danish title Dengang Danmark lukkede ned
Keywords COVID-19, Children, Everyday life, 2020-2030
Director Emil Nørgaard Munk
Screenplay Emil Nørgaard Munk
Producer Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Director of Photography Uffe Mulvad, Maggie Olkuska
Editor Biel Andrés
Production country Denmark
Production company Don't Think Twice Film
International sales
Danish festival release 20.09.2020
Online release 12.01.2022, Filmcentralen
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Production company Don't Think Twice Film


Direction Emil Nørgaard Munk


Screenplay Emil Nørgaard Munk


Producer Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
Line producer Anna Libak


Cinematographer Uffe Mulvad
Cinematographer Maggie Olkuska


Editor Biel Andrés


Music Sune Køter Kølster

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