How to understand a Maqam

Emil Nørgaard Munk, Denmark, 2023

30 min.DK/Documentary

A filmmaker travels to the Egyptian desert to document the meeting of a group of music composers and their process of writing new music, in the field between western avantgarde and Arabic Maqam tradition.
However, he soon realizes that he does not understand the project. Stranded in the desert he struggles to find a way to capture the complexity of the music.
But something in the landscapes makes the past and present collapse into a timeless journey in and out of ancient buildings, extinct species and past civilizations.
Basic information Credits
Original title How to understand a Maqam
Danish title How to understand a Maqam
Director Emil Nørgaard Munk
Producer Emil Nørgaard Munk, Thor Hampus Bank
Director of Photography Emil Nørgaard Munk
Editor Emil Nørgaard Munk
Sound Sune Kaarsberg
Composer Sune Køter Kølster
Production country Denmark, Egypt
Danish festival release 19.03.2023
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Production company Don''t Think Twice Film, GotFat Productions


Direction Emil Nørgaard Munk


Producer Emil Nørgaard Munk
Producer Thor Hampus Bank


Cinematographer Emil Nørgaard Munk


Editor Emil Nørgaard Munk


Composer Sune Køter Kølster


Sound designer Sune Kaarsberg

Visual effects

Colorist Jian Zhi Zhang
Mastering Jian Zhi Zhang


Animation Sara Koppel

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