Cathrine Ambus

Title Year Function Category
The Land of Short Sentences 2023 Editor DK/Feature
He's My Brother 2021 Editor DK/Documentary
All that I am 2020 Editor Documentary
Scandinavian Star (overview) 2020 Editor Series (documentary)
School of Seduction 2019 Editor DK/Documentary
Girl in Return 2019 Editing supervisor DK/Documentary
Den nat vi faldt 2018 Editor DK/Documentary
Waiting for The Sun 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
A Year of Hope 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
Big Time 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
Splitting Up Together 2016 Editor TV series
All Inclusive 2014 Editor DK/Feature
My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn 2014 Editor DK/Documentary
Arvingerne 1 2014 Editor TV series
Rita 2 2013 Editor TV series
One Day at a Time 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
Moon Rider 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
Sådan er søskende - Mig og min tvilling 2011 Editing DK/Documentary
Skyscraper 2011 Chief editor DK/Feature
Rebounce 2011 Editor DK/Feature
Svend 2011 Trailer editor DK/Documentary
The Wild Swans 2009 Editing DK/Feature
The blessing 2009 Editor DK/Feature
Hush Little Baby 2009 Chief editor DK/Feature
Roskilde 2008 B-editor DK/Documentary
Linas kvällsbok 2007 Editing Feature
De unge år 2007 B-editor DK/Feature
The Journals of Knud Rasmussen 2006 Editing Feature
Retshjælpen 2006 Editing DK/Documentary
Jeg som regel 2006 Editing DK/Short fiction
Ambulance 2005 Editing DK/Feature
Jeg dig elsker 2005 Editing DK/Documentary
Til næste sommer 2005 Editing DK/Short fiction
Between Us 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Land of Mist 2003 Editing DK/Documentary
Dani 2003 Editor DK/Short fiction
Agnethe 2001 Editing DK/Short fiction
4/4 all that she does 2001 Editing DK/Documentary
The Good Son 2001 Editor DK/Short fiction
Tre på en motorcykel 2001 Editor DK/Short fiction
Snedronningen 2000 Editing DK/Short fiction
Angel of Night 1998 Assistant editor DK/Feature