Moon Rider

Daniel Dencik, Denmark, 2012

81 min.DK/Documentary

Moon Rider is a coming-of-age story about the bike rider Rasmus Quaade. The film follows young Rasmus' struggle to become a professional rider, a rough and winding road through hell and back.Shot on fragile Super8 and raw helmet-cam, it is a journey seen from the inside of a young man's head - it is a personal story entrusted to the spectator by Rasmus himself from his intimate diary. Rasmus has proven to have an extra ordinary talent for riding, but even if Rasmus' physical abilities are extra ordinary and build for cycling, his mind is build for thinking. His constant reflections about life and death becomes his biggest obstacle in reaching his goal of becoming a World Champion. In order to win, he has to empty his head completely, but how do you clear your head, when every thought is a step in the wrong direction? The film paints an honest and heartbreaking picture of the extreme and lonely life of a young championship rider.
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Original title Moon Rider
Danish title Moon Rider
Other titles Quaade
Keywords Quaade, Rasmus, Cycling, Cycling, Racing cyclist, Cycle races, 2000-2009, 2010-2019
Director Daniel Dencik
Screenplay Daniel Dencik
Producer Monica Hellström
Director of Photography Daniel Dencik, Aske Alexander Foss
Editor Daniel Dencik, Cathrine Ambus, Rasmus Gitz-Johansen, Theis Schmidt
Sound Rasmus Winther Jensen
Composer Erik Enocksson
Production designer Thomas Bremer
Appearance Rasmus Quaade
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution DOXBIO
International sales LevelK
Danish theatrical release 05.09.2012
Cinemas Reprise Teatret, Grand, Ishøj Bio, Værløse Bio, Park Bio, Glostrup Bio, Bio Viften (Rødovre), Empire, Bibliografen (Bagsværd) samt 42 biografer i provinsen, inkl. Færøerne og Grønland
Danish festival release 07.11.2012, Cinemateket, CPH:DOX 2012
TV release 17.09.2013, DR 2
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Dencik Film
With support from Danske Filminstruktører, Ministeriet for børn og undervisnings tips- og lottomidler
In collaboration with Story AB, New Danish Screen, Svenska Filminstitutet, SVT
Domestic distribution DOXBIO


Direction Daniel Dencik


Screenplay Daniel Dencik


Producer Monica Hellström
Co-producer Tobias Janson
Production assistant Polly Kallos
Production assistant Joanna Zofia Bard Mikolajczyk
Production assistant Cecilie McNair
Production assistant Maj Skifter
Production assistant Ditte Bohr
Post-production Anders V. Christensen


Cinematographer Daniel Dencik
Cinematographer Aske Alexander Foss
Key grip Jeppe Lassen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Thomas Bekker
Assistant lighting technician Alex Suhr


Editor Daniel Dencik
Editor Cathrine Ambus
Editor Rasmus Gitz-Johansen
Editor Theis Schmidt
B-editor Klaus Heinecke
Assistant editor Christian Einshøj
Assistant editor Christian Einshøj
Assistant editor Jesper Bækdal
Assistant editor Derek Gilbert Zacho


Composer Erik Enocksson

Production design

Production designer Thomas Bremer


Sound mixer Rune Palving
Recording engineer Rune Palving
Recording engineer Rune Bjerre Sand
Foley artist Rune Palving
Sound designer Rasmus Winther Jensen
Sound mixer Rasmus Winther Jensen
Recording engineer Rasmus Winther Jensen

Visual effects

VFX Maria Klarlund
Graphic design Martin Hultman
Colourist Eric Hansson


Appearance Rasmus Quaade

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