Rune Palving

Title Year Function Category
Winning Hearts and Minds 2023 Sound designer, Mixer DK/Documentary
Margrete – Queen of the North 2021 Sound designer DK/Feature
The Penultimate 2021 Sound designer, Re-recording mixer DK/Feature
Bird Boy 2019 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Sons of Denmark 2019 Sound consultant DK/Feature
Letters for Amina 2017 Sound designer DK/Feature
The Man 2017 Sound designer DK/Feature
Word of God 2017 Sound designer DK/Feature
Satisfaction 1720 2016 Sound designer, Sound engineer DK/Feature
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 Sound DK/Feature
Bridgend 2015 Sound engineer, Re-recording mixer DK/Feature
Emma and Santa Claus - The Quest for the Elf Queen's Heart 2015 Sound engineer: post-production, Sound designer DK/Feature
The Miracle 2014 Sound designer DK/Feature
1864 2014 Sound editor TV series
The Cartel 2014 Foley recordist DK/Feature
1864 - brødre i krig 2014 Sound editor DK/Feature
Baby 2014 B-sound designer DK/Short fiction
Danny's Doomsday 2014 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Northwest 2013 Boom operator, Foley recordist DK/Feature
The Shooter 2013 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Where the Light gets in 2013 B-sound designer DK/Short fiction
Last Dreams 2013 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
Dreaming of a Family 2013 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
The Ghost of Piramida 2012 Sound DK/Documentary
Excuse me 2012 Mixer DK/Feature
Moon Rider 2012 Sound mixer, Recording engineer, Foley artist DK/Documentary
Almost Perfect 2012 B-sound designer: post-production, Foley artist DK/Feature
You & Me Forever 2012 Sound mixer, B-sound designer DK/Feature
Teddy Bear 2012 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Skyscraper 2011 Sound recordist DK/Feature
Ludvig og julemanden 2011 Sound engineer, Music supervisor TV series
Magi i luften 2011 Sound designer, Sound engineer DK/Feature
Ronal Barbaren 2011 Add. re-recording, Foley recordist DK/Feature
Julie 2011 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Canned Dreams 2011 Sound editor DK/Documentary
My good enemy 2010 Sound DK/Feature
The experiment 2010 Boom operator DK/Feature
The wounded 2010 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
Hold om mig 2010 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Kærlighedens krigere 2009 Sound Feature
Love & rage 2009 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Usynlige piger 2009 Sound: post production DK/Documentary
Lulu & Leon 2009 Sound TV series
Hush Little Baby 2009 Assistant sound mixer DK/Feature
Metropia 2009 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Dreams in Copenhagen 2009 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Boy Meets Girl 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Window of opportunity 2008 Sound DK/Experimental
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 Sound designer DK/Feature
Dancers 2008 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Awakening 2008 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
The Back of Beyond 2008 Sound designer DK/Short fiction
Ung mand falder 2007 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Daisy Diamond 2007 Sound engineer DK/Feature
En soap 2006 Sound DK/Feature
Out 2006 Sound DK/Short fiction
Fidibus 2006 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 B-sound designer: post-production, Foley artist DK/Feature
The Swenkas 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
Doxa 2005 Sound mixer Feature
Store planer 2005 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
En familie i krig 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
Jerusalem My Love 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
Zafir 2003 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
The little rascals 2003 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Day and Night 2003 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Habibti My Love 2002 Sound DK/Short fiction
Charlie Butterfly 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Kat 2001 Sound DK/Feature
Halleluja 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
Notes on Silence 2001 Sound DK/Documentary
A new beginning 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
Ude af rute 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
Italian for Beginners 2000 Sound editor DK/Feature
India 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
Tom Merritt 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
Little big dog 1998 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Some May Be Bored 1997 Sound DK/Documentary
Pigen som var søster 1996 Sound DK/Experimental
Togkupe 1994 Sound engineer DK/Documentary