Usynlige piger

Sidse Stausholm, Denmark, 2009

40 min.DK/Documentary

A film about three girls who've never had a friend at school. They've been bullied and ignored for years and felt left out and lonely. Yet they are strong girls with a drive to change. Now they're beginning to understand that maybe it's not all their fault. They meet on the internet where they each create an avatar, their online identity. They support each other through their journey ¿ figuring out who they are, who they want to be and how to get there.
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Original title Usynlige piger
Danish title Usynlige piger
Other titles Næsten voksen
Keywords Girls, Loneliness, Puberty
Director Sidse Stausholm
Screenplay Sidse Stausholm
Producer Helle Faber, Mette Heide
Director of Photography Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Editor Steen Johannessen, Yrsa Wedel, Yrsa Wedel
Production country Denmark
Production company Team Productions Aps, Bastard Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
International sales Team Productions ApS /Bygning C, st. / Axeltorv 12 / 1609 København V / t +45 3313 3003 / c +45 2042 6994 / f +45 3313 3004 / www.team-productions.com
Festival information Danish Film Institute
Danish festival release 20.09.2009, Grand, BUSTER 2009
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Team Productions Aps, Bastard Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Sidse Stausholm


Script Sidse Stausholm


Production Helle Faber
Producer Helle Faber
Producer Mette Heide
Production manager Susanne Fosgaard Nielsen
Production manager Tine Gjellerup Koch
Production assistant Thomas Fischer
Production consultant Anders Østergaard


Cinematography Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Cinematographer Lars Reinholdt
Cinematographer Jan Pallesen
Cinematographer Thomas Larsen
Cinematographer Sidse Stausholm
Cinematographer Lau Andersen
Cinematographer Klaus Birkenfeldt
Cinematographer Mathilde Hvid Lippmann


Editing Steen Johannessen
Editing Yrsa Wedel
Editor Yrsa Wedel


Sound: post production Rune Palving

Visual effects

Graphic design Sidse Carstens


Second life animation Steen Johannessen

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