Lars Reinholdt

(1976 – )

Title Year Function Category
Deliver Us 2019 Cinematographer TV series
Run Like a Girl 2019 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Father of Four - on the sunny side! 2018 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Herrens veje 2 2018 Cinematographer TV series
Faith 2017 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Word of God 2017 2nd camera operator DK/Feature
Where Have All the Good Men Gone 2016 Director of Photography DK/Feature
Follow the Money 2016 Cinematographer TV series
Sport Kids 2015 Cinematographer Documentary
Broen 3 2015 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen 2014 Cinematographer Series (fiction)
Op med halen - Første skoledag 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen - Verdensstjerner 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen - Kampvalg 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen - Australsk fodbold 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen - Bushkager 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Op med halen - Talentshowet 2014 Cinematographer TV series
Danny''s Doomsday 2014 2nd cinematographer DK/Feature
The Contest - to the Stars and back 2013 Director of Photography DK/Feature
My African Adventure 2013 Director of Photography DK/Feature
Four Letters Apart - Children in the Age of ADHD 2013 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
My Sister''s Kids Home Alone 2012 Cinematography DK/Feature
Forbandelsen 2012 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
I krig med sig selv 2012 Cinematography DK/Documentary
A caretaker''s tale 2012 Cinematographer DK/Feature
The talent thief 2012 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Rogue Girls 2012 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
4x1 2011 Cinematographer TV series
Freedom on parole 2010 Cinematography DK/Feature
Min pinlige familie og mutantdræbersneglene 2010 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
My sister''s kids in Jutland 2010 Cinematography DK/Feature
When heaven falls 2009 Cinematography DK/Feature
Profetia 2009 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Usynlige piger 2009 Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Paradise 2008 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Helena - Direktørens datter 2008 Cinematography DK/Documentary
The protectors 2008 Camera assistant: 2. unit, Bosnia and Herzegovina TV series
Ibrahim 2007 Cinematography, Stills DK/Short fiction
Meet me in Berlin 2007 Cinematographer DK/Short fiction
In My World 2006 Cinematography, Stills DK/Short fiction
Kærlighedspolitiet 2006 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Blood Sisters 2006 Stills DK/Short fiction
1624 V 2006 Cinematographer DK/Short fiction
Anna Pihl 2006 Camera assistant TV series
Fire kvinder 2005 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Deadline 2005 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
The Departure 2005 Stills DK/Short fiction
Skyggen i Sara 2004 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Løvinden 2004 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Dear Christiane! 2003 Cinematography, Editing DK/Documentary
Trækfugle 2001 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Rape me 2000 Stills Feature
Wounded souls 1998 Direction DK/Documentary
Der er en grænse 1993 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary