Christian Einshøj

Director, editor. Born 1985 in Denmark but grew up in Norway. Attended European Film College in Ebeltoft.

Einshøj's editing credits include the award-winning documentary ‘Q’s Barbershop’ (2019) as well as the action film ‘Darkland’ (2017). He got his debut as a director with the documentary short ‘How I Live, as You Wanted to Know’ (2014). His second short ‘Haunted’ won the award for Best International Short at HotDocs in Toronto.

Einshøj makes his feature-length debut with ‘The Mountains’ (2023), serving as both screenwriter, director, cinematographer and editor.
Title Year Function Category
The Mountains 2023 Direction, Appearance, Screenplay, Editor, Cinematographer DK/Documentary
Mr. Graversen 2022 Editor: development, Script development DK/Documentary
Dark Blossom 2021 Consultant DK/Documentary
Barnepigerne 2020 Consultant DK/Documentary
Q's Barbershop 2019 Editor DK/Documentary
A Married Couple 2019 B-editor TV documentary
A Colombian Family 2019 Editor: development DK/Documentary
Haunted 2018 Direction, Appearance, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor DK/Documentary
Mandefald 2017 Editor TV documentary
Darkland 2017 B-editor DK/Feature
Next Summer 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
Den sidste tid 2016 Editor DK/Documentary
Dream Empire 2016 Editor DK/Documentary
Mordene på Katarina 2015 Editor DK/Short fiction
Sky Break 2014 Editor DK/Short fiction
Ártún 2014 Editor Short fiction
Cloud Chamber 2013 Trailer editor Interactive projects
Searching for Bill 2012 Editor DK/Documentary
Teddy Bear 2012 B-editor DK/Feature
Flugten til Hollywood 2012 Additional editing DK/Documentary
Moon Rider 2012 Assistant editor DK/Documentary
Jernhårde ladies 2010 Editing DK/Documentary
Nothing's all bad 2010 B-editor DK/Feature
Into eternity 2010 Additional editing DK/Documentary
To All My Friends 2010 Editor DK/Short fiction
Jensen Lives Here 2010 Assistant editor DK/Short fiction
Næste gang bliver vi fugle 2009 Editing DK/Documentary
The Good Heart 2009 Assistant editor Feature
Dinosaurs Will Die 2009 Editor DK/Short fiction
Danish dynamite 2008 B-editor DK/Documentary
Snooze 2008 Editor DK/Short fiction
Moving up 2008 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Gaven 2008 Assistant editor DK/Feature
Bongo Superstars 2008 Editor DK/Documentary