Love Bound – When your child becomes mentally ill

Vibe Mogensen, Denmark, 2021

51 min.DK/Documentary

One in ten in Denmark suffers from mental illness. Yet, due to the taboo and stigmatisation, it is still an under-prioritised issue. When a family member gets sick, it affects everyone in the family. The film uncovers the unconditional love that governs parent/children relationships, which must somehow be altered when a child is suffering from mental illness. Shot behind closed doors, inside the confidentiality of the therapy room, the film follows a group of parents over a period of months who share and come to realise that they are all in the same boat riding the same chaotic storm.
Basic information Credits
Original title De pårørende – når ens barn rammes af psykisk sygdom
Danish title De pårørende – når ens barn rammes af psykisk sygdom
Keywords mentally ill, The, Parent-child relation, Therapy, 2020-2030
Director Vibe Mogensen
Producer Vibeke Vogel
Director of Photography Per Fredrik Skiöld, Anders Löfstedt, Maggie Olkuska, Carl August Jansson
Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Sound Roar Skau Olsen, Kasper Janus Rasmussen, Patrick Svaneberg Vejen, Kristian Eidnes
Composer Uno Helmersson
Appearance Birgitte von Barm, Hanne Tychsen, Jette Nørgaard, Lene E. Karlsson
Production country Denmark
International sales Bullitt Film ApS
Online release 11.03.2021, Filmcentralen
Comment Vibe Mogensen has directed 'The Mind of My Father' (2005), about her father's mental illness. Besides making films, Mogensen was head of a media school for young people from 2005-2018 and has also taught at the National Film School of Denmark.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Bullitt Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, TV2, FilmFyn


Direction Vibe Mogensen
Consultant Lene E. Karlsson


Idea Vibe Mogensen


Producer Vibeke Vogel
Associate producer Rikke Tambo Andersen
Production manager Lovisa Dröfn Hansdottir
Technical support Anders V. Christensen
Post-production manager Margaux Gillet
Post-producton coordinator Maria Robstad


Cinematographer Per Fredrik Skiöld
Cinematographer Anders Löfstedt
Cinematographer Maggie Olkuska
Cinematographer Carl August Jansson


Still photographer Victoria Salomonsen


Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Editing supervisor Janus Billeskov Jansen
Editor: development Sofie Steenberger
Editor: development Karolina Bengtsson
Trailer editor Emile Hertling Péronard


Composer Uno Helmersson


Sound engineer Roar Skau Olsen
Sound engineer Kasper Janus Rasmussen
Sound designer Patrick Svaneberg Vejen
Sound designer Kristian Eidnes
Sound mixer Patrick Svaneberg Vejen
Sound mixer Thomas Jæger

Visual effects

Colourist Adam Bendixen
Online Adam Bendixen
Visual Design Mia Selin
Graphic design Mikkel Fangel Poulsen

Other credits

Consultant Lene E. Karlsson


Appearance Birgitte von Barm
Appearance Hanne Tychsen
Appearance Jette Nørgaard
Appearance Lene E. Karlsson
Appearance Marianne Sørensen
Appearance Tommy Sørensen

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