Patrick Svaneberg Vejen

Title Year Function Category
Hitlers tyske flygtninge i Danmark 2023 Sound DK/Documentary
Mrs. Hansen and the Bad Companions 2023 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Theatre of Violence 2023 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Nobody Knows Casper 2022 Sound designer DK/Documentary
The Shift 2022 Sound engineer, Composer DK/Short fiction
High Stakes and Hotdogs 2022 Sound designer, Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Into the ice 2022 Sound designer DK/Documentary
A Lucky Man 2022 Sound effect editor DK/Feature
Island of Hope 2021 Sound designer DK/Documentary
Love Bound – When your child becomes mentally ill 2021 Sound designer, Sound mixer DK/Documentary
The Food Club 2020 Sound assistant DK/Feature
All I Want For Christmas 2 2020 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Det hellige, almindelige 2015 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction