The Fall

Andreas Koefoed, Denmark, 2022

75 min.DK/Documentary

11-year-old Estrid is on the threshold of leaving her childhood behind. However, a serious accident hinders her progress; a fall out of the window of her family’s apartment on the fifth floor, as she sleepwalks for the first and only time in her life.
Miraculously, she survives and returns to her daily life thanks to her fierce willpower. However, the fall has left its mark on her body and mind as a trauma she has difficulty letting go of. The accident not only still lives in Estrid, but in her entire family; especially in her mother, who for many hours on the night of the accident thought Estrid was going to die.
The film follows Estrid for five years from the time of the accident till she is 16, where she moves away from her parents to attend a boarding school.
Estrid has a dreamy quality to her, a certain aura. Almost as if she has a connection to the beyond. She has always been beautiful, but now she wants to be perceived in different ways.
Due to her long convalescence, Estrid has an intense need to get out and see the world, test her boundaries and find out who she is. This leads to many clashes with her mom, which steadily escalate as Estrid becomes more and more independent.
The Fall follows Estrid on her journey towards the adult world and her family’s journey towards healing.
Basic information Credits
Original title The Fall
Danish title Faldet
Keywords Accidents, Traumas, Children, Rehabilitation, Healing, Mother-daughter relationship, Young people, 2020-2030
Director Andreas Koefoed
Producer Sara Stockmann
Director of Photography Adam Michael Jandrup, Andreas Koefoed
Editor Mark Bukdahl, Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Sound Morten Groth Brandt
Composer Bo Rande
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution DR 2
International sales Sonntag Pictures ApS
Comment Andreas Koefoed screened his first feature-length documentary, 'Ballroom Dancer' (2011), at a number of festivals including IDFA and Toronto Hot Docs. More films by Koefoed include 'The Ghost of Piramida' (2012) and 'At Home in the World' (2015), the latter winner of the Best Mid-Length Documentary Award at IDFA.
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company Sonntag Pictures ApS
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Danmarks Radio
Domestic distribution DR 2


Direction Andreas Koefoed
1st assistant director Ömer Sami


Script consultant Anders Frithiof August


Producer Sara Stockmann
Production assistant Caroline Worning
Production assistant Clara Tufte
Executive producer Andreas Koefoed
Post-production supervisor Anders V. Christensen


Cinematographer Adam Michael Jandrup
Cinematographer Andreas Koefoed


Still photographer Mads Emil Hilmer


Editor Mark Bukdahl
Editor Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Editing supervisor Rikke Selin
Editing supervisor Per K. Kirkegaard


Composer Bo Rande


Sound engineer Morten Groth Brandt

Visual effects

Colorist Anders V. Christensen
Colorist Assistent Maria Klarlund
Art work Mia Selin
Art work Mads Emil Hilmer

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