Camilla Magid

(1979 – )

Director. Born 1/1 1979. Graduated from the independent Super16 film school in Copenhagen in 2010. Holds a BA in Film and Media Science from the University of Copenhagen, 2003, and a 1st Lieutenant degree in Arab Language and Culture from the Royal Danish Defence College, 2005.

Magid won the prize for best debut film at CPH:DOX for her doc short "The Black Lines" (2006). Her first long documentary, "White Black Boy" (2012), was nominated for a national Bodil Award and was awarded the prize for best sound, the SONIC:DOX award, at CPH:DOX.

"Land of the Free" (2017) won the award for best Nordic Documentary, NORDIC:DOX Award, at CPH:DOX.

Title Year Function Category
Land of the Free 2017 Direction, Screenplay, 2nd cinematographer DK/Documentary
White Black Boy 2012 Direction DK/Documentary
From Palestine with Love 2010 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Armadillo 2010 Casting DK/Documentary
Den sidste badeanstalt 2009 Direction DK/Documentary
Adam and Eve 2009 Direction DK/Documentary
Climaniacs 2009 Direction Anthology
Hurry home 2009 Casting DK/Documentary
Winter Holliday 2008 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
The Black Lines 2006 Direction, Production DK/Documentary
Kids on the Silk Road Direction Series (documentary)