Land of the Free to Telluride Film Festival

FESTIVAL. Camilla Magid's documentary "Land of the Free" has been selected for the prestigious Telluride Film Festival. The film met its first international audience at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in June and will now enjoy its American premiere in the tiny village of Telluride, Colorado.

"Land of the Free" is produced by Heidi Elise Christensen and Signe Byrge Sørensen for Final Cut for Real with support from the Danish Film Institute. The film portrays Brian, Juan and Gianni from South Central Los Angeles. The obstacles are plenty when you are a child growing up among gang members, or a teenager with an addiction and a newborn child, or a middle-aged man just released into a new and changed world after 24 years in prison. 

Filmmaker Camilla Magid followed their lives for over two years, and the film accurately shows the psychological impact of a prison system that focuses on punishment rather than prevention and rehabilitation. The three characters merge into one life story in this intimate portrait of people living in a society where help is scarce and you have to rely on your own resources to get by.

Joshua Oppenheimer has been selected to be this year's Guest Director in Telluride. Among his pics for screening in his Revival Program is a 1981 Danish film, Jon Bang Carlsen's "Hotel of the Stars".

Finally Göran Hugo Olsson's Swedish-American-Danish co-production "That Summer" is also screening at the festival. "That Summer" is a co-production between Story AB (SE), Louverture Films (US), Thunderbolt Productions (US) and Final Cut for Real.

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Trailer: Land of the Free