Costa Brava, Lebanon

Mounia Akl, Lebanon, 2021

106 min.Feature

In Costa Brava, Lebanon, the free-spirited Badri family escape the overwhelming pollution and social unrest of Beirut by seeking refuge in a utopic mountain home they built for themselves. Unexpectedly, an illegal garbage landfill begins construction right next door. With it comes the very trash and corruption they were trying to escape. As the landfill rises, so do family tensions. The Badris are left with a choice: stay off the grid or leave their idyllic home and face the reality they fled, hoping to stay true to their ideals.
Basic information Credits
Original title Costa Brava, Lebanon
Danish title Costa Brava, Libanon
Director Mounia Akl
Screenplay Mounia Akl, Clara Roquet
Producer Myriam Sassine, Georges Schoucair
Director of Photography Joe Saade
Editor Carlos Marques-Marcet, Cyril Aris
Sound Rana Eid
Composer Nathan Larson
Production designer Thomas Bremer, Issa Kandil
Appearance Ceana Restom, Geana Restom, Nadia Charbel, Nadine Labaki
Production country Lebanon, Denmark
Domestic distribution Øst for Paradis
Danish theatrical release 23.06.2022
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Abbout Productions
Co-production Cinéma Defacto, Lastor Media, Fox in the Snow Films, Snowglobe ApS, Barentsfilm, Gaijin, Film i Skåne
With support from Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, Fonds d’Urgence pour le Liban, Région Ile-de-France, Ciclic - Région Centre-Val de Loire, Sørfond, Le Fonds Image de la Francophonie, Torino Film Lab, Visions Sud Est, Creative Europe, Doha Film Institute, Instituto de la Cinematografía, Departament de cultura - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, Swedish Film Institute, Det Danske Filminstitut, The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture, The Beirut DC Madar Fund, The Malmö Arab Film Festival Market Forum, CineGouna Springboard Platform
In collaboration with Participant, Boo Pictures
Domestic distribution Øst for Paradis


Direction Mounia Akl


Screenplay Mounia Akl
Screenplay Clara Roquet


Producer Myriam Sassine
Producer Georges Schoucair
Co-producer Sophie Erbs
Co-producer Sergi Moreno
Co-producer Olivier Guerpillon
Co-producer Ingrid Lill Høgtun
Co-producer Katrin Pors
Co-producer Tom Dercourt
Co-producer Tono Folguera
Co-producer Eva Jakobsen
Co-producer Mikkel Jersin
Co-producer Joakim Strand
Executive producer Jeff Skoll
Executive producer Anikah McLaren
Executive producer Fouad Mikati
Executive producer Candice Abela Mikati
Executive producer Karam Abulhusn
Executive producer Monique Dib
Executive producer Lara El Khoury
Executive producer Harriet Harper Jones


Cinematographer Joe Saade


Editor Carlos Marques-Marcet
Editor Cyril Aris


Composer Nathan Larson
Additional music Zeid Hamdan

Production design

Production designer Thomas Bremer
Production designer Issa Kandil
Art director Hanady Medlej
Costume Designer Beatrice Harb


Sound designer Rana Eid
Re-recording mixer Peter Albrechtsen
Recording engineer Rawad Hobeika

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Peter Hjorth


Reem Ceana Restom
Reem Geana Restom
Tala Nadia Charbel
Souraya Nadine Labaki
Walid Saleh Barki

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