Vores liv med autisme

Louise Jappe, Denmark, 2022

Series (documentary)

In the first episode we meet the children Hannah, Nino and Jonathan. The children have the autism diagnose in common, but they all have different needs and are challenged on different senses.
The families find it difficult to get the right help for their childrens needs and are fighting a time consuming and destructive battle against the municipalities to get the right help.

In the second episode Hannah is getting worse and worse and develops social anxiety. The Danish Working Environment Authority assesses that Jonathan is too dangerous and must be in a treatment home, far away from the parent. Nino is still at home with his mother who is fighting the municipality to get help. We also meet Mathilde who, like the other three, has difficulty fitting into the regular school system, but her mother’s lonf struggle fortunalely pays off and Mathilde is offered a place at a special school.
Basic information Credits
Original title Vores liv med autisme
Danish title Vores liv med autisme
Keywords Autism, Autists, Children, Pupils, ADHD, Mental disorders, Family life, Teaching, Wellbeing, Public administration, 2020-2030
Director Louise Jappe
Producer Louise Jappe
Director of Photography Simon Mouridsen, Michael Dinesen, Karsten Hagelund, Mikkel Ulriksen, Isac Mukul Barslev
Editor Casper Haugegaard
Sound Alex Pavlovic, Peter Albrechtsen
Composer Jonas Colstrup
Production country Denmark
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Production company TV2 Danmark
With support from Public Service Puljen


Direction Louise Jappe


Organizer Signe Mølgaard
Organizer Amalie Roger Henrichsen
Editorial board Signe Mølgaard
Editorial board Amalie Roger Henrichsen
Editorial board Freya Skov
Editorial board Astrid Kretzschmar Løkken
Production manager Louise Scheibye
Producer Louise Jappe
Executive producer Thomas Heurlin
TV2 editor Liv Michelsen


Cinematographer Simon Mouridsen
Cinematographer Michael Dinesen
Cinematographer Karsten Hagelund
Cinematographer Mikkel Ulriksen
Cinematographer Isac Mukul Barslev


Editor Casper Haugegaard
Editing supervisor Thomas Ravn


Composer Jonas Colstrup


Sound designer Alex Pavlovic
Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen

Visual effects

Animator Christian Bechmann
Animator Michael La Cour
Animator Jakob Witt
Graphic design Christian Bengtson Vinther
Colourist Mikkel Aude


Voiceover Clara Bruun Andersen

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