Christoffer Andersen, Denmark, 2013

7 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation, Film school films

A proud fisherman, Povl, lives a respected and rugged life in a small tight-knit community on the 18th century Danish west coast. Povl barely survives a tragic accident as a treacherous storm pummels his boat and forces it down - all his men are lost. When the towns-people find him exhausted on the beach they blame him for the tragedy. A tough and lonely existence begins as he is left to survive on this own. The towns-people are meanwhile losing their faith in sea's protecting powers. In desperation Povl decides to convince the superstitious folk that his porcelains figurines can protect them in their hardship. But can Povl live with what he has done, in the risk of being caught in his own lies?
Basic information Credits
Original title Porcelain
Danish title Porcelain
Keywords Superstition, 1800-1899, Fishermen, Shipping accidents, West coast, The, Loneliness, Survivors, Western Jutland
Director Christoffer Andersen
Editor Christoffer Andersen, Carmen Hannibal
Sound Erik Thygesen, Thomas Richard Christensen
Production country Denmark
Danish theatrical release 25.01.2013
Cinemas Fotorama (Viborg) samt 6/2 i Cinemateket, København, 13/2 i Biffen, Aalborg og 17/2 i Teater Refleksion, Aarhus
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Production company The Animation Workshop


Direction Christoffer Andersen


Story Nicolai Brus Hansen
Story Morten Bøhne
Story Carmen Hannibal
Script supervisor Uri Karnot
Script consultant Michael Valeur
Script consultant Jericca Cleland


Production manager Nicolai Brus Hansen


Editor Christoffer Andersen
Editor Carmen Hannibal


Sound designer Erik Thygesen
Sound designer Thomas Richard Christensen
Foley artist Mathias Winrum
Sound design consultant Peter Albrechtsen


Voice Peder Overgaard
Voice Ejgil Enevoldsen
Voice Lindy Ekmann
Voice Inger Vestergaard
Voice Svend Nordby
Voice Thomas Richard Christensen


Animation Christoffer Andersen
Animation Tine Rinberg
Animation Nicolai Brus Hansen
Animation Erik Thygesen
Art director Martin Pedersen
Compositor Morten Bøhne
Character design Ida Mårtenson
Character design Stinna F. Liholm
Model artist Mikkel Friborg
Animation supervisor Sean Ermey
Animation supervisor Kay Delventhal
Animation supervisor Tod Polson
Technical supervisor Ole Guldbrandsen
Assistant animator Keld Nissen
Assistant animator Søren Berg Nørbæk
Assistant animator Adrian Walt

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