A Tribute to J.J. Abrams

Asger Lindgaard, Denmark, 2013

6 min.DK/Short fictionMusic videos

In 2009, Danish movie critic Johan Albrechtsen met Hollywood director J.J. Abrams ('Star Trek', 'Super 8') and rapped for the filmmaker during an interview. Abrams enjoyed it so much he asked Johan to 'record it'. Four years later, Johan assembled a talented film crew and some of Denmark's leading hip-hoppers to write a rap song and produce a music video for Abrams. This is the finished result - a short film that not only celebrates Abrams and his 'Star Trek' films, but also the awesomeness of being a nerd. Featuring critically acclaimed Danish rappers Tue Track and Per Vers and cameos by renowned actors Tom Cruise and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, this video has to be seen to be believed!
Basic information Credits
Original title A Tribute to J.J. Abrams
Danish title A Tribute to J.J. Abrams
Director Asger Lindgaard
Screenplay Johan Albrechtsen, Asger Lindgaard, Marie Louise Færch Nielsen, Per Vers
Producer Marie Louise Færch Nielsen
Director of Photography Tim Lynge Resdal
Editor Johan Albrechtsen
Composer Johan Albrechtsen
Production designer Sara Paludan Battrup
Appearance Johan Albrechtsen, Per Vers, Tue Track, Frederikke Cecilie Berthelsen
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language English
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Production company


Direction Asger Lindgaard


Screenplay Johan Albrechtsen
Screenplay Asger Lindgaard
Screenplay Marie Louise Færch Nielsen
Screenplay Per Vers


Producer Marie Louise Færch Nielsen
Executive producer Johan Albrechtsen


Cinematographer Tim Lynge Resdal


Editor Johan Albrechtsen


Composer Johan Albrechtsen

Production design

Production designer Sara Paludan Battrup


SFX makeup Janus Vinther


Dialogue editor Peter Albrechtsen
Sound mixer Troels Fløe Kristensen
Recording engineer Lars Gonzalez

Special effects

SFX Janus Vinther


Bouncer David Bateson

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Mikkel Gøtzsche Andersen


Stunt coordinator Jacob Sebastian Malm
Stunts Fredrik Blom
Stunts Jack Hansen
Stunts Morten Silverfox Petersen
Stunts Joon Poore
Stunts Anne Rasmussen


Animation Tommy Lund Axelgaard


Yohan Johan Albrechtsen
Per Wars Per Vers
Tue Trek Tue Track
Orion Slave Girl Frederikke Cecilie Berthelsen
Bouncer Per Lund
PR Woman Tine Pohl
Reporter Ann Lind Andersen
Reporter Nicolas Barbano
Reporter Christian Sørup Jensen
Reporter Silas Samuel Mortensen
Reporter Shahbaz Sarwar
Klingon Fredrik Blom
Klingon Jack Hansen
Klingon Joon Poore
Sig selv Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Sig selv Tom Cruise

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