Nikolaj Tarp, Denmark, 2009

11 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films

20 years ago two boys disappeared in the swimming pool at Hulgaard Elementary. Ever since children have been telling stories about a monster living at the bottom of the pool. A victim of all the school bullies, 11-year-old Lars, has written a love letter for the older girl Sherin. When Sherin's boyfriend, the worst bad guy in school, finds the letter, he forces Lars to swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a shining coin.

But Lars is convinced that the monster Aqualorius is waiting in the deep...
Basic information Credits
Original title Aqualorius
Danish title Aqualorius
Keywords Bullying, Monsters, Public swimming pools
Director Nikolaj Tarp
Screenplay Nikolaj Tarp, Jacob Weinreich, Nikolaj Tarp
Producer Peter Engel
Director of Photography Rasmus Heise
Editor Camilla Ebling
Sound Thomas Jæger
Composer Bjarke Monrad
Production designer Anders Engelbrecht
Appearance Jonathan Tulestedt Jarvel, Igor August Svideniouk Egholm, Sara Nybo Vinther, Søren Bech-Madsen
Production country Denmark
Technical info color
Danish theatrical release 23.04.2009
Cinemas Empire CPH PIX Film Festival
Danish festival release 18.09.2009, Palads, Buster Filmfestival for børn og unge 2009
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Zentropa Entertainments


Direction Nikolaj Tarp
Assistant director Margrethe Christensen
Assistant director Per Chrois
Assistant director Camilla Ramonn


Script Nikolaj Tarp
Screenplay Jacob Weinreich
Screenplay Nikolaj Tarp
Storyboard Anders Huulgaard


Producer Peter Engel
Production manager Flemming Hemme
Technical supervisor Lars Dela
Post-producton coordinator Stine Lauritzen Larsen
Post-producton coordinator Signe Rørne
Production assistant Heine Kaarsberg
Runner Henrik Da Silva


Cinematographer Rasmus Heise
Camera assistant Magnus Sort Eidemak
Camera assistant Gitte Gammelgaard
Underwater cinematographer Michael Tøt
Key grip Jakob Graversen


Stills Jonny Paw

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Jonathan Go-Matsushima
Best boy Mikael Opstrup


Editor Camilla Ebling
Assistant editor Sigrid D.P. Aalbæk Jensen
Assistant editor Olesya Kireeva
Assistant editor Mikael Reidar
Editor: Animatic Bjarke Monrad


Composer Bjarke Monrad

Production design

Production designer Anders Engelbrecht
Set decorator Chris Dam Jensen
Set decorator Thomas Dam Jensen


Makeup artist Emilie Aabye
Makeup artist assistant Margrethe Christensen
Makeup artist assistant Stine Lauritzen Larsen


Sound designer Thomas Jæger
Sound mixer Peter Albrechtsen
Recording engineer Lars Halvorsen
Recording engineer Mikkel Holsøe
Foley artist Torben Greve

Special effects

SFX Lauge Voigt

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Stefan Fjeldmark
Graphic design Anders Vester Thykier
Colourist Simon Lytting


3D models Phillip Berg
3D models Daniel Callaby
3D animator Kim Zoll


Lars Jonathan Tulestedt Jarvel
Jaymz Igor August Svideniouk Egholm
Sherin Sara Nybo Vinther
Bademester Søren Bech-Madsen
Lars (stand-in dykker) Villads Thilo

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