Michael Tøt

(1981 – )

Title Year Function Category
Den der lever stille 2023 Key grip DK/Feature
Father of Four and the Vikings 2020 Key grip DK/Feature
All I Want For Christmas 2 2020 Key grip DK/Feature
The Day We Died 2020 Key grip DK/Feature
Neon Heart 2019 Key grip DK/Feature
Hunting Season 2019 Key grip DK/Feature
Perfekte steder 3 2019 Key grip TV series
Queen of Hearts 2019 Best boy grip DK/Feature
Next Stop 2018 Key grip DK/Short fiction
Perfekte steder 2 2018 Key grip TV series
Finding Home 2018 Key grip TV series
In Love & War 2018 Key grip: 2. unit DK/Feature
Pros and Cons 2018 Key grip TV series
Perfekte steder 1 2017 Key grip TV series
Never Again a Tomorrow 2017 Key grip DK/Feature
I am William 2017 Key grip: 2. unit DK/Feature
Walk with Me 2016 Key grip DK/Feature
April 9th 2015 Key grip, Key grip: 2. unit DK/Feature
Nylon 2015 Key grip DK/Short fiction
Hjørdis 2015 Key grip TV series
Heartless 2 2015 Key grip TV series
A Second Chance 2015 Key grip DK/Feature
Mordene på Katarina 2015 Key grip DK/Short fiction
The Seaside Hotel 2 2015 Best boy grip TV series
Emma and Santa Claus - The Quest for the Elf Queen''s Heart 2015 Key grip DK/Feature
Norskov 1 2015 Key grip TV series
Heartless 1 2014 Key grip TV series
Crumbs - All at Stake 2014 Best boy grip DK/Feature
Speed Walking 2014 Key grip DK/Feature
The Patient 2013 Key grip DK/Short fiction
A Doll''s House 2013 Key grip DK/Short fiction
Borgen 3 2013 Key grip TV series
Broen 2 2013 Key grip TV series
The Hunt 2013 Key grip DK/Feature
Out of Bounds 2012 Clapper/loader DK/Feature
Marie Kroyer 2012 First assistant camera DK/Feature
All for one 2011 Key grip DK/Feature
Something in the Air 2011 First assistant camera DK/Feature
ID:A 2011 DIT DK/Feature
In a Better World 2010 DIT DK/Feature
Bob Bob Bølle Bob 2010 Best boy grip DK/Feature
Nothing''s all bad 2010 First assistant camera: 2. unit DK/Feature
Aqualorius 2009 Underwater cinematographer DK/Short fiction
Go with peace Jamil 2008 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre 2007 First assistant camera DK/Feature
Offscreen 2006 First assistant camera DK/Feature
One to one 2006 First assistant camera, 2nd assistant camera DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat 2006 Clapper/loader DK/Feature
Bang Bang Orangutang 2005 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Fucking 14 2005 First assistant camera DK/Short fiction
Afveje 2005 Key grip DK/Short fiction
Nordkraft 2005 First assistant camera: 2. unit, Clapper/loader DK/Feature
The judge 2005 Clapper/loader DK/Feature
Søster 2004 Camera assistant DK/Documentary
Tid til forandring 2004 Clapper/loader DK/Feature
Glimt af mørke 2004 Key grip DK/Short fiction
Tintin et moi 2004 Camera assistant DK/Documentary
Pulekalenderen 2002 Camera assistant DK/Short fiction
Charlie Butterfly 2002 Clapper/loader DK/Feature
Wallah be 2002 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Minor mishaps 2002 Key grip DK/Feature
Kat 2001 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Italian for Beginners 2000 Camera assistant DK/Feature
Hotmen Coolboyz 2000 Camera assistant DK/Feature
The bench 2000 Video assistant DK/Feature
The lady of Hamre 2000 Video assistant DK/Feature
Constance 1999 Co-producer DK/Feature