Tintin and I

Anders Østergaard, Denmark, 2004

78 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

Why do the Adventures of Tintin continue to fascinate its readers even in adulthood? Hergé, the Belgian creator of Tintin, tried himself to answer this question in a unique interview that has never been published
before in its full length. Hergé explains how the Adventures of Tintin are profoundly connected to the tensions and conflicts during the 20th century and to his own life, as well. This documentary film is an
autobiographic journey of the life and the brilliant work of Hergé - in his own voice and on the original tape.
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Tintin et moi
Danish title Tintin og mig
Keywords Tintin, Litterature, Comics, Hergé, 1900-1999, Belgium
Director Anders Østergaard
Screenplay Anders Østergaard
Producer Peter Bech
Director of Photography Simon Plum
Editor Anders Villadsen
Composer Joachim Holbek, Halfdan E
Production designer Johan Van Essche
Casting Fons Feyaerts
Appearance Numa Sadoul, Michael Farr, Harry Thompson, Gérald Valet
Production country Denmark, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland
Domestic distribution Angel Films
International sales Angel Scandinavia A/S
Technical info 2118 meter, 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 16.01.2004
Cinemas Dagmar, Grand, Øst for Paradis (Århus)
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Angel Productions
Domestic distribution Angel Films


Direction Anders Østergaard
Continuity Peter Gren Larsen
Casting Fons Feyaerts


Script Anders Østergaard
Script: research Karin Mørch


Producer Peter Bech
Executive producer Paul Pauwels
Executive producer Chantal Bernheim
Executive producer Eve Vercel
Executive producer Nick Rodwell
Executive producer Mogens Glad
Executive producer Poul Erik Lindeborg
Line producer Gitte Randløv
Production manager Inge Rochette
Production manager Philippe Bedfert
Production manager Martin Keller
Production assistant Fedrik De Beul
Production assistant Janni Helleskov
Production assistant Louise Valeur
Production assistant Peter Sølvberg
Production assistant Anne Labro
Production assistant Isabella Palm
Production assistant Carine Simoens
Runner Olivier Backvis
Runner Greta Mentzel
Location manager Regis Brun
Location manager Bjorn Charpentier
Location manager Andreas Geisler
Location assistant Cyril Jean
Location assistant Caroline Mendez
Location assistant Jeremy Bau
Location scout Jo van Hove


Cinematography Simon Plum
Camera operator Michael Rosenløv
Camera assistant Guy Maezelle
Camera assistant Jackson Elizondo
Camera assistant Michael Tøt
Camera assistant Chris Robertson


Stills Martin Stampe Hansen


Editing Anders Villadsen


Music Joachim Holbek
Music Halfdan E

Production design

Production designer Johan Van Essche
Set dresser Hendrik van Kets
Set drawings Lan Wang Valeur
Assistant Mette Bomholt
Assistant Anne von der Heide
Assistant Frederik Beckett-Nilsson
Assistant Stefan Bang
Models Lars Kirchhoff
Models Per Kapper


Wardrobe Else Bogaerts
Wardrobe Charlotte Moe


Recording engineer Joeri Verspecht
Recording engineer Pascal Martin
Recording engineer Philippe Goubert
Recording engineer Søren Hee
Sound technician Marc Doutrepont
Foley artist Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans
Sound: post production Jean-Jacques Quinet
Sound: post production Damien Defays

Special effects

SFX supervisor Christophe Dumoulin
SFX Sabrina Leclerq
SFX Steve Pires Madeira


Voice actor Patrick Waleffe
Voice actor Tony Beck
Voice actor Alan Louis
Voice actor Danièle Denie
Voice actor Olivier Cuvelier

Visual effects

Title design Dominique Lefèvre
3D Jonas Wagner
3D animation Claus Friese


Animation supervisor Kirsten Skytte

Other credits

Archive research Fedrik De Beul
Archive research Mieke Struyve


Appearance Numa Sadoul
Appearance Michael Farr
Appearance Harry Thompson
Appearance Gérald Valet
Appearance Fanny Rodwell

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