Mikkel Nielsen

Title Year Function Category
As the Tide Comes In 2024 Sound effect editor DK/Documentary
Organiseret vildskab 2022 Sound effects DK/Documentary
Music for Black Pigeons 2022 Sound effect editor DK/Documentary
Ellens ark 2021 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Solutions 2021 Sound effects DK/Documentary
Little Galaxies 2020 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
The Good Traitor 2020 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Investigation 2020 B-sound designer TV series
The Fight for Greenland 2020 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Dreams from The Outback 2019 Sound Editing DK/Documentary
Forget Me Not 2019 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
The Kingmaker 2019 Sound design assistant Documentary
Cutterhead 2019 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Cave 2019 Sound effect editor DK/Documentary
Hunting for Hedonia 2019 Sound editor DK/Documentary
On the Inside of a Military Dictatorship 2019 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Valhalla 2019 B-sound designer DK/Feature
China 2019 B-sound designer DK/Short fiction
Daniel 2019 Recording engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Bad Circumstances 2018 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Queen of Hearts 2018 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
False Confessions 2018 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Wildwitch 2018 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Land of the Free 2017 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Man Divided 2017 Sound assistant DK/Feature
FJER 2017 Sound design assistant DK/Short fiction
Word of God 2017 Sound effects DK/Feature
Den anden side 2017 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
The Distant Barking of Dogs 2017 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
The Distant Barking of Dogs 2017 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
The Man 2017 Sound effects DK/Feature
Darkland 2017 Sound design assistant DK/Feature
Dan Dream 2017 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Letters for Amina 2017 Sound effects DK/Feature
Vi er Kirsten Jensen 2016 B-sound designer TV documentary
Swinger 2016 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Model 2016 Sound assistant DK/Feature
What We Become 2016 Sound assistant: 2. unit DK/Feature
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 Sound effects DK/Feature
Godless 2016 Sound design assistant Feature
Satisfaction 1720 2016 Sound effects DK/Feature
Cool Cats 2015 Sound editor DK/Documentary
Mother's Wish 2015 Sound effects recordist Documentary
Bridgend 2015 Sound effects recordist DK/Feature
The Idealist 2015 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Looking for Exits: Conversations with a Wingsuit Artist 2015 Sound editor DK/Documentary
Summer of '92 2015 VFX cinematographer DK/Feature
A Short Life 2014 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Baby 2014 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Flow 2014 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Danny's Doomsday 2014 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Tidsrejsen 2014 Sound assistant TV series
Where the Light gets in 2013 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Last Dreams 2013 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
Dreaming of a Family 2013 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
She male snails 2012 Sound effects recordist DK/Documentary
Belinda Beautiful 2012 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
Rogue Girls 2012 Sound assistant DK/Documentary
The Secret Society of Fine Arts 2012 Sound effects recordist DK/Feature
Teddy Bear 2012 Sound assistant DK/Feature
You & Me Forever 2012 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Canned Dreams 2011 Sound effects recordist DK/Documentary