Funding for Danish films

Peter Schønau Fog's "You Disappear" from 2017 has received funding from the film commissioner scheme. Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen.
The Danish Film Institute (DFI) supports the production of 20-25 feature films and 25-30 documentary and short films a year. Funds are awarded through three different schemes: the Film Commissioner Scheme, the Market Scheme and the New Danish Screen talent development scheme.

Types of production funding

Film Commissioner Scheme

This scheme supports films with unique cinematic ambitions – artistically innovative films that challenge their audiences. The scheme funds features, documentaries and shorts.

The work of the film commissioner involves prioritising the funding to secure the continual production and dissemination of a wide range of films, defined in terms of artistic quality, diversity, volume and audience appeal.

The Film Commissioner Scheme is based on individual case processing. In a close dialogue with applicants about the artistic development of their film projects, the film commissioner serves as a sparring partner, questioning the projects and pointing out weaknesses and problems.

Funds are awarded for scriptwriting, development and production.

Market Scheme

This scheme supports films with broad audience appeal – films that fascinate because they tell a popular story or cultivate a familiar genre. The scheme funds features.

Applications are evaluated on criteria of quality and audience potential, including narrative, production value, market position, distribution, marketing and the film's overall economic viability. To qualify, films are expected to perform better at the box office than an average Danish feature or perform well with a specific target group, e.g., children and youth. Decisions are made by a committee of two representatives from the DFI and three external film-industry representatives.

Funds are awarded for development, including scriptwriting expenses, and for production.

New Danish Screen

This scheme support films that push the boundaries of cinema – films that strengthen talent development and experimentation. New Danish Screen funds low-budget fiction, documentaries, hybrids, series and cross-media projects.

New Danish Screen gives new generations of filmmakers the opportunity to push their limits and create new experiences for cinema and TV audiences. The scheme is aimed at new talents working on the professional level, as well as at less experienced filmmakers. What counts is enabling manifested talents to grow, test out new ideas or change course from their past productions.

New Danish Screen primarily awards funds to the development and production of long formats in fiction and documentary and of hybrid forms.

New Danish Screen is founded on a partnership between the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR, TV 2 Denmark and the DFI. Funds are awarded by New Danish Screen's artistic management.

Minority Co-Production Scheme

This scheme supports international films that have Danish production participation. Read more about international co-production