Gold Coast Set to Music by Twin Peaks Composer

UPCOMING. David Lynch composer Angelo Badalamenti has made the score for Daniel Dencik's feature debut "Gold Coast," out in domestic theatres on 2 July.

Angelo Badalamenti, who has previously composed music for David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," "Mulholland Drive" and "Blue Velvet," is set to create the score for Daniel Dencik's "Gold Coast."

"Working with Angelo is a personal dream come true," says Dencik, who got in touch with the composer through a personal connection to David Lynch's ex-wife, Mary Sweeney. "Angelo invited me to his house in New Jersey. I left with only a date and an address, and then we started making music."

"Gold Goast" is a story of the darkest chapters in Danish history. Danish botanist and visionary Wulff Frederik Wulff travels to Africa’s Gold Coast (now Ghana) in 1836 to supervise a coffee plantation, but his best intentions are tested by the harsh realities of slave trade and unbelievable brutality.

The film was shot in Ghana last summer and has Jakob Oftebro ("Kon-Tiki") and Danica Curcic ("The Absent One") in the main roles. Both were selected as Shooting Stars for the Berlinale 2014, from Norway and Denmark, respectively.

"Gold Coast" is produced by Michael Haslund-Christensen for Haslund/Dencik Entertainment with funding from the Danish Film Institute and will open domestically on 2 July.

About Daniel Dencik

Daniel Dencik is a director, screenwriter, poet and author, and graduated as a film editor from the National Film School of Denmark in 1999. He has written and edited numerous awardwinning films, including "Into Eternity" (2010), "Outside Love" (2007), "Dark Horse" (2005), and "Noi the Albino" (2003).

He debuted as a documentary film director with "Moon Rider" in 2012 followed by "Expedition to the End of the World" in 2013, which was screened at film festivals worldwide and received a number of awards. In 2014 the director received the award for Best Short Documentary for "Tal R: The Vigin" and later the same year he was awarded the prestigious Nordic Film Prize.  

"Gold Coast" is Dencik's feature film debut.