How to co-produce with Denmark

Director Ruben Östlund and cast on the set of 'Triangle of Sadness', a co-production between Sweden and Denmark. Photo: Tobias Henriksson / Danish Film Institute
What kind of funding is available in Denmark for co-productions, and what are the requirements for applying? Here are a few straight answers.

Q: What kind of funding is available in Denmark for co-productions?

A: The Danish Film Institute has minor-coproduction schemes for feature fiction and feature animation films with four annual deadlines and for short and documentary films with three deadlines a year. The Danish Film Institute may support 5-9 minor feature co-productions and 5-6 minors short and documentary films a year.

Q: What are the requirements for applying for funding?

A: If you have a project you would like to co-produce with Denmark, the first step is to find a Danish co-producer. The Danish co-producer can then apply at the Danish Film Institute.

Also, there must be Danish creative or technical participation in the production plus a distribution deal for theatrical release in Denmark, a broadcast deal on Danish television or other national distribution, e.g. digital, aimed at a Danish audience. Note that the financing in the major co-producing country must be confirmed with letters of intent including amounts.

Q: How do I find a Danish co-producer?

A: These are good places to start: The Danish Film Institute's online trade directory DFI-Bogen contains contact info on people, companies and institutions in the Danish film industry. The directory exists only in a Danish version.

Also, check the annual Facts & Figures brochure to see which minor co-productions were supported in previous years and which producers have been active internationally.

Finally, MEDIA Desk Denmark offers general guidance about the Danish film, TV and game industry. The MEDIA Desk has a large Danish and international network and can mediate contacts to co-production partners.

Q: How will the project be evaluated?

A: The project evaluation is based on the following aspects: artistic qualities, the creative and financial collaboration between the Danish and international producer, including previous collaborations and future plans, the Danish share of the creative and technical collaboration, the international festival potential and the Danish distribution potential.

Q: Which amounts are we talking about?

A: Features are typically subsidised with grants between 135,000 and 270,000 euros. The overall budget for minor features is 1.6 million euros per year. The overall budget for short and documentary films is 335,000 euros per year.

Funded projects

See which projects have received minor co-production funding from the Danish Film Institute:


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