Minor Co-productions – documentaries and short fiction

'OUTSIDE' by Olha Zhurba is produced by Moon Man (Ukraine) and Final Cut for Real (Denmark) with support from the Danish Film Institute.
The Danish Film Institute can fund the international co-production of documentaries of any length, short fiction and transmedia films/projects that have a non-Danish delegate producer. There are three co-production submission deadlines per year.

The purpose of funding co-productions is to strengthen partnerships and creative exchange between Danish and international producers. The Danish Film Institute highly values the opportunities that co-production can provide for the Danish industry, including international financing, cultural and business exchange as well as distribution, and therefore encourages these partnerships to be established.

Which films can recieve funding?

The Danish Film Institute can fund 4-6 minor documentary or short fiction co-productions per year with a total annual budget of 335.750 euros 
(2.5 mil DKK). 

Requirements for applying:

  • The application must be submitted by a Danish production company.
  • There must be Danish creative or technical participation in the production.
  • There must be a confirmed deal for theatrical distribution in Denmark, for Danish broadcast or for other national distribution, e.g. digital, aimed at a Danish audience.
  • The international majority producer must be able to present agreements that confirm national funding, since the Danish co-production funding is given as top financing.

How is the application handled? 

Applications must be addressed directly to one of the three film commissioners. Together with the Danish Film Institute producers and Head of Documentaries they will evaluate the application. The evaluation is based on the following aspects:

  • artistic qualities
  • the creative and financial collaboration between the Danish and international producer, including previous collaborations and future plans
  • the Danish share of the creative and technical collaboration
  • the distribution potential

You will receive our response to your application within a month from submission deadline. In the event that your project is not chosen for co-production support, you can resubmit the same project only if the Danish Film Institute assesses that it has undergone substantial changes. 

Who can apply?

Only the project's Danish producer can apply, which is why the application form is available in Danish. You can find the form ('Ansøgningsskema') on the Danish page for minor co-productions.