Interview with Tea Lindeburg: 'As in Heaven'

INTERVIEW. Tea Lindeburg focuses on a young girl's transition from child to adult in 'As in Heaven' set in the late 1800s. Watch our video with the director talking about her debut feature, headed for the Toronto and San Sebastian Film Festivals.

Nine years ago, director Tea Lindeburg read Danish author Marie Bregendahl's novel from 1912, 'A Night of Death'. The story centres on a child birth in a farming family in the late 1800s as seen through the eyes of the young ones at the farm.

"What struck me the most was the children. Their aloneness and their lonesomeness. Their struggle to find out what it meant to be a human being."

This became a starting point for Lindeburg and her interest in adapting the story to film.

In our interview, the Danish talent talks about the resulting film, her debut feature 'As in Heaven', based on Bregendahl's turn-of-the-century novel. Lindeburg shares her thoughts on creating the story and the structure of the narrative, and explains how her film seeks to transmit the beauty, poetry and harsh reality of farm life in a period of great transition.

'As in Heaven' is produced by Lise Orheim Stender and Jesper Morthorst for Motor with support from the Danish Film Institute. LevelK is handling international sales.

World premiere at Toronto Film Festival (9-18 September) and European premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival (17-25 September).