Joachim Fjelstrup is Shooting Star

BERLIN. "Joachim couldn't have made a better feature film debut than 'Itsi Bitsi'." The star of Ole Christian Madsen's rock biopic is selected as Denmark's Shooting Star, a European talent promotion initiative taking place during the Berlin Film Festival.

Ten European actors and actresses will be off to the Berlinale in February, selected as Shooting Stars 2015 to be spotlighted during the festival. The promotional campaign, organised by European Film Promotion, offers a unique platform for the young talents to meet up with the press, film professionals and a dedicated audience.

From Denmark comes Joachim Fjelstrup who made his feature debut in Ole Christian Madsen and Nimbus Film's Itsi Bitsi, which world premiered at Toronto Film Festival.

In "Itsi Bitsi," Fjelstrup plays Eik Skaløe, the founder of Steppeulvene which is one of the most revered Danish rock bands of the 1960s. The film tracks the continent-spanning romance of Eik and the enigmatic love of his life, Iben. Fjelstrup sings and performs live in the film's crucial song and concert sequences.

The international jury identifying the ten young talents motivate their choice of Joachim Fjelstrup with the following:

"Joachim couldn't have made a better feature film debut than 'Itsi Bitsi – as real-life beatnik rocker Eik Skaløe he is simply captivating, bringing out all the elements of a man whose tragically short, tormented life was nevertheless brightened by love, laughter and head-on rock'n'roll excitement."

After graduating from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2013, Joachim Fjelstrup went straight on to make his screen debut in Ole Christian Madsen's "Itsi Bitsi." Fjelstrup is soon to appear opposite former Shooting Star Pilou Asbæk in Roni Ezra's WWII drama "April 9th" as well as in two graduation films from the National Film School of Denmark. 

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Berlin International Film Festival / 5-15 February 2015