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AUDIENCES. More than two million Danes have watched Thomas Vinterberg’s 'Another Round' across platforms, and half of the audience are under the age of 35. These and many other insights are available to everyone at the Danish Film Institute’s expanding universe of audience information.

The Danish Film Institute's audience universe, Viden om publikum (Information About Audiences), is slowly but surely expanding its knowledge base, making more insight, data and inspiration available to makers of films and series to aid them in their audience efforts.

The universe offers numerous entry points to information about audiences for films and series. Dynamic tools let you search across theatrical and streaming. Insight and inspiration are showcased in videos, interviews, graphics, feature articles and galleries. 


Sanne Juncker Pedersen
Strategic head of Closer to the Audience
+45 2244 0037

Although the universe is in Danish, you can explore a selection of articles in English. Also, we are preparing an English version of the tools monitoring audience data, available shortly.

The universe is created based on a study of how the industry employs audience perspectives in film production and promotion. The findings indicated a demand for greater insight, knowledge sharing and concrete inspiration.

The knowledge universe is primarily aimed at the film industry, but is open to anyone looking for insight into the media and audience habits of Danes, providing facts such as:

  • The reboot of 'Sex and the City' (HBO Max) has been seen by 335,000 Danes.    
  • Half of the audience for Thomas Vinterberg’s 'Another Round' are under the age of 35, and a large majority of them are women. 
  • Over the last five years, half of the theatrical audience has been under the age of 29.

Explore the universe

Access the knowledge universe, which offers five main entry points to knowledge and inspiration:

Search the demographic audience profiles of 300 series and 1200 films, and find audience figures for 300 series and 9000 films, 400 of them measured across platforms. 
Explore the tool 'Who watches films?'

The universe regularly focuses on a new theme, presented from various angles. 
Read a selection of articles in English

Provides insight into how Danish films are marketed and what elements are employed. The average Danish film is promoted using 50 unique promotion elements. Here, the film industry has made a selection of their material available.
Explore the elements 

Analyses, videos, lists and other inspirational material that delve into subjects such as children and teen audiences and the usage of streaming services in Denmark.

Weekend at the cinema
A weekly column unpacks the weekend’s admission figures, presenting the Danish angle and general market developments. 

Closer to the audience

Since 2020, the Danish Film Institute has worked closely with the film industry and new partners to create innovation and develop methods in the areas of audience research and development. We continually share knowledge and best practice in the field.

The knowledge universe is one of the three strategic tracks in the Closer to the Audience project, headed by audience expert Sanne Juncker Pedersen.